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Saturday, 8 October 2016

The reason for my loooooong disappearance

To all my readers,

Sorry for this late post. I also apologize for not posting anything for months and not telling you guys what happened.

Truth is, I was depressed.

But first, let's talk about the good news. Felicia's Second Life Volume 1 did quite well on Amazon! Thanks a lot, everyone. I just love watching FSL being ranked higher than Clockwork Prince and some other mainstream books. It's all thanks to you guys. Some of you bought it, some of you spread the news, some of you gave positive comments, and that made others buy it.

Thank you, everyone.

Now the bad news. The somewhat successful release of FSL Vol 1 also came with some depressing issues. One guy rated it 1 star despite not actually reading it. I comforted myself by telling myself that he was a rival in the light novel writing community and too much of a lowlife that he had to bring down other authors who are slightly more successful than him.

But that paled in comparison to what I received in my mail. I received two mails from two different people calling me a pedophile. One told me I will go to hell and he will spread the news so that nobody will buy the book again. Another person told me he already reported my book to Amazon for containing child pornography. This doesn't include the comments on Amazon itself calling me a pedophile at varying level of directness.

I know, not everyone will like my book. I'm not counting on that. I'm lucky enough that you guys like my book and people who didn't start reading the book from this blog bought it on a whim and liked it enough to leave positive comments. But being repeatedly called a pedophile and having my book reported to Amazon really hit me hard.

For three to four months, I couldn't write a single word. Therefore I tried to write short stories, but I don't know why, my writing wasn't at all good. I had the story, but I couldn't write it. FSL was incredibly hard, as ever since those two mails, I could not put myself in Felicia's shoes and progress on FSL book 2 had stalled. However, about two months ago, I could finally write again, but still, progress was slow and I had to push myself to finish one chapter a month for FSL. Now it's a lot faster, but there was still many problems with the chapters for FSL, so I won't be posting FSL until I iron those problems out. This also means that book 2 will likely be delayed.

What I will be doing however, is releasing the short stories I've been writing in the meantime starting today. I'll try releasing it regularly, but I didn't write much in the moments when I was depressed. I also avoided opening my mails during that time, so if you guys sent me mails, I'm sorry, please forgive me for not replying. I'll start checking my mail again from now.

Anyway, tl;dr: People accused me of being a pedophile in mail, I got depressed, FSL got delayed and I'll be posting some short stories starting today.

Sorry for the long essay. If you read all that, I apologize. But for reading this apology letter, I thank you very much for giving me another chance. Please keep supporting me in the future. Your encouragements always motivated me to work harder. Thank you everyone.


p/s: Just in case you didn't read all that above. I'm not quitting, I'm still writing. Thank you for your support.


  1. Haters gonna hate, don't mind people on the internet, welcome back.

  2. Well, its the internet. No normal people do such a thing, they were simply trolls/harassers/jealous people. It's the best to ignore them and calm yourself down.

    Remember that we all love you and support you. We readers come from many places, continents and of age. We love your work but reading you gave me the will to try writing my own webnovel. It's crap but who cares.

    You are my idol, someone I respect as a person regardless of how much I like you work.

    As a fan I'd like to ask for their address to trace them down and destroy their lives, but you probably don't want such a thing so I refrain from that.

    Please stay heathy for Us.

  3. So are you confused with your moral about whether you're a pedophile or not? For me pedophiles are those weirdos who like underaged child, I don't call myself pedophile but legal lolicon, so I only like it only if it's a legal 18+ aged woman who looks like one who ranges between children and teenager or you may call it petite. You should think of yourself that way so that your moral compass wouldn't get confused again, just stay away from underaged children, remember loli yes! Touch no!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. (correcting mistakes)
      Uhm... In fiction it matters not actually, there are a lot of books that are about or contain child pornography, incest or rape. That does not mean the writers are criminals, they are simply realists. Why is it crime to describe reality in the 21th century?

      Also, in the past it was considered normal and legal.

      In this case it's not even a main focus element and sex never happened... Why are we talking about it then?

    3. Well, I was only trying to ease our beloved author's uneasiness, sorry if it was awkward I really put a lot of thoughts into that comment.

  4. The main thing I've learned in my 35 years of life is that to lead a happy life, you have to ignore others and just do what makes you happy. No need for excuses to haters, as long as you aren't actively harming others, just do what you damn well want. You're the boss of your life, not others, Don't go putting a collar on yourself and handing the leash to others.

  5. If your on the Internet people are ganna insult you and call names don't let yourself become depressed just for that otherwise your never going to finish the novel

  6. Your book was great there was nothing wrong with it. It didn't cross any moral lines and had lot of good humor.

  7. Please don't let the trolls get you down. I am sure 99% of those people who wrote about FSL being pedophilia are trolling. Anyone who actually believes that is too stupid to worry about. So as a purchaser of Vol 1, please, please give us more Felicia.

  8. You suck, you should rot in hell

    P.S. it was a joke about your warning below

  9. Oh, so that's why.
    Well... Officially anime and manga are labeled as bad by catholic church, so nanny other creations with style influenced by Asian couture also meet hate from religious people.

    I don't know why you even consider opinion of a person that didn't read FSL, so I will drop this topic, but if the other person read it before writing to you, then it's just wrong genre for wrong person. You shouldn't worry about opinion of people outside of the target of your project.

    Amazon also shouldn't do anything based only on one extreme person, but I don't know how it works.

    I'm checking out your website every few months and I will continue to do so. If I could spend my money like that, I would buy 1st tome to support you.

    Anyway keep up with the good work and just ignore critics that are not constructive.

  10. Pedophile is those people who commit the crime. You my dear author is not one of them. FSL is a great story. Those with the negative(pedophile) comments does not even knew the meaning of it. Heck they are the loser by not even know how to appreciate creativity.

    Elizah here.


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