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I Have A Cheat But I Open An Inn Instead


 A man who dies at a young age goes to another world and gains a cheat?

-- But I don't feel like becoming a hero. I want to open an inn. Let's aim for the world's best inn instead!

A story that features a mix of the author's favourite dishes.

A inn that is like a home where one can come and go.

Chapter 1: The Long War In Another World

Suddenly one day...
And... onwards to another world


  1. It looks interesting. When are you going to translate this?

    1. Sorry about that, been busy with work. Haven't got the time for anything I'm planning to do. The first chapter is almost completely translated, but it's not at the funny part yet.

  2. Wow so cool~ is this really a Japanese webnovel? Got the link for the raws?

  3. Funny I saw team is currently translating this :P Just got transferred to Light Novels World xD


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