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About Me

Hi all. If you come here, then I'm sure you want to know more about me (or you accidentally clicked the wrong link, in which case, please pretend that you want to know more about me).

I'm Shiina Ai. No, that's not my real name. It's my pseudonym. Who would name their child Shiina Ai in the first place?

I'm Asian, living in Southeast Asia. So I'm not Japanese, just an otaku who enjoys Japanese mangas and web novels. Although I have no problem with watching animes, I would rather read its original manga or light novel instead. I pretty much like my own imagination and animes often fall short of my expectations.

Anyway, I've been writing since I was a kid, but only recently I became serious with publishing my novels. This is my way of polishing my novel before it comes into market. You're asking why I name my blog 'Hugging Love'? It's because my name, my real name, means 'A love to be hold'.

I understand my novels are riddled with grammatical errors. Please forgive me. I speak Malay my whole life and I was raised without a good basic in English grammar. Heck, for my whole secondary school life, I was often number one in exam results when it came to English subjects. I was even force-volunteered to be the school's English mentor for struggling students. So you should be able to imagine how terrible our mastery of English language was.

Please read my stories and leave me a comment. Either to point out plotholes, correct my grammar or volunteer to be my editor. I can't pay you for your help, but I'm sure I can put an appreciation page somewhere in my novels.

So, thanks a lot for reading and for staying with me.

And one more thing: I love traps. If I can eat traps, I'd like to eat traps for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So many of my stories have elements of gender bender, because traps are delicious.