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Monday, 7 December 2015

CYOA: Isekai Yuri

PLEASE READ BEFORE PLAYING: This multiple choice adventure
game is where you, the player assumes the role of someone who
is randomly taken to another world. Yes, I know the title is
yuri, but not all endings are yuri ending. One ending even
allows you to become the demon king (queen).

There are over 20 endings and I don't know the exact number. I'm
far too lazy to count. So don't ask me how many more endings
are yet undiscovered. Please take note that I shall not be
held responsible for any frustrations caused by playing this
text-based game.

NOTE: In some routes, you may need a 1d10 die and paper (or
just plain ol' notepad.exe). There is already a 10-sided die
included at the bottom of the page. If somehow, you don't see
this die, you can inform me and get a free online die at Simply choose:
Number of sides - 10, pentagonal trapezohedron (hope I spell
this right), d10
Number of dice to roll - 1
Number of rolls - 1

Yes, I know everyone says dice, but the
singular of dice is die. So there! Hope you enjoy it!

By the way, this CYOA is written for Royal Road's Birthday
Contest 2015. You can see the details of the contest here:

If you like this, say in the comment section "YURI!!!"

Thank you


Click to be transported.
You get up feeling slightly groggy, slightly in pain,
but you're mostly confused. You have no idea what
happened, but you know for sure that it wasn't the cereals…

Were you a boy or a girl?

Oh great! You're a boy.

Too bad...
Wonderful. That makes things easier.

Now let's just move forward.
You're a girl now. Deal with it.

Now let's just move forward.
You are currently in a forest, standing on a stretch of road
that extends to the east and west. Right beside the road in
front of you is a path that looks to have been traversed by
animals. Which route should you choose? I assure you, staying
is not an option, because there's just no fun in that.

Into the undergrowth?
The road leading west?
The road leading east?
You enter the undergrowth, following the animal path. All
through the hike, you could smell something unpleasant, as if
you were bathing in piss. You're wondering if there is a river
in front so you can get clean

You come across a bunch of giggling fairies.
Deciding that west is best, you walk along the road heading west.
When you turn the corner, you hear a strange sound from the bushes.

It's an old lady in a bathrobe.
Thinking that the east sounds better, you walk along the road
heading east. You are squatting under a tree to take a piss when you

Yells and screaming.
You watch as the fairies giggle, dance and tend to their herbs.
Unlike what you have been told through fairytales and Disney's
Peter Pan, they're not at all pretty. They're not hideous, but still
they're not mesmerizingly beautiful, unlike in fairytales. They do
have translucent wings, though.

You continue to hide in the bushes. You watch them doing whatever
they're doing when you realize that there are less of them now. It
seems like they've left the field one by one without you noticing.
What do you want to do now?

Leave them be.
You get out of the bushes as soon as the last fairy leaves the field.
You silently and stealthily walk behind the fairy, trying your best
to follow it without being detected.

Unfortunately, you're just bad at tailing

For some reason you think you should leave them be. Maybe they're
going home and you don't want to disturb them, right? Pussy.

"Intruder!" a fairy exclaims, alerting the others. Before long,
hundreds of fairies appear around you. They scream some nasty things
that you can't catch.

You're shinking!
You notice the trees and bushes become bigger as your point of view
goes lower and lower. In just seconds, you have become as big as the
fairies. Only now you realize how ugly and scary they look. You are
unable to do anything but scream as their spears pierce your tiny
body. Too bad. You die here, tiny, lonely and smelly.


Start again?
It's a redcap! No, not the mushroom. It's the fairy that was said to
be so horrible and cruel, they'd kill you as soon as they see you!
That's exactly what he's doing with that knife. Seriously, try to
dodge, will you? Well, there it goes. Now you're dead and you're
smelly. You're dead smelly.


Try again if you're not a pussy.


Start again?
You slowly comes out of the bushes. The fairies, seeing you appear,
attempts to leave in a hurry. You call out to them, telling them that
you aren't here to harm them.

Convince them.
The fairies are wary of you, but after they realize that you mean
them no harm, they relax.

"You can't stay here," one of the fairies say.

"Why not?" you ask.

"This place is not safe for humans. Follow us," the fairy say as all
the fairis leave immediatedly. When it notices that you're not following, it calls you again.

Don't follow.
Thinking that it's some kind of trick, you refuse its invitation. You
have read plenty of stories of fairies playing tricks on humans. You
will not be fooled.

You decide to follow it. From the little fairy, you learn that the
malicious Redcap often appears in the nectar fields. While Redcaps
won't harm fairykind, they are terribly hostile towards other
sentient creatures. Humans who wander into the nectar fields are
often found quickly and killed by the Redcap.

You breathe a sigh of relief, thankful that the little fairy help
you escape certain death. Eventually, you come across a clearing in the forest, with five tall rocks placed in a circle.

"Please stand in the middle." the fairy urges.

Do as told. Stand in the middle of the rock

Refuse. The fairy leaves you alone. You feel
someone else approaching.

"Please stand in the middle," the fairy urges.

"What is this for?"

"You want to return home, don't you? This Spriggan Circle uses the
power of the forest to open the way home for lost travellers."

"I don't think my home is around here."

"It's fine. The Spriggan Circle searches for the link to your
original place. There is no place that the Spriggan Circle can find."

You decide to trust the little fairy. Stepping into the circle, you
panic a little when the stone circle starts emitting light and arc
electricity starts being transferred among each rock.

Then a bright light blinds your eyes.

When you open your eyes, you realize you're standing in front of your
house. You are home.

Good End

Play Again?
You enter the bushes and finds an old woman in a bathrobe being
half-buried in the ground from waist-down. The old woman breathes
heavily from her attempts to get herself out.

When she notices you, she immediately asks you to help her out.

Do you...

Engage in philosophical discussion.
Don't help.
You decide to help the old woman. You slowly tests the ground with
your foot, wondering if it's some kind of quicksand. When you confirm
that it's safe, you walk next to the old woman and helps pull her up.
The old woman thanks you, before cackling like a mad, well, old

The old woman shows her true colours.
You look at the old woman and squats on the ground at a safe
distance. Looking at the old woman being half-buried there wearing
only a bathrobe, you feel tickled. You decide to poke fun at her.

When else can you make fun of an old woman wearing a bathrobe
outside, right? Still, what should you poke fun of first?

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Why is there a hole in the ground?
Why are you wearing a bathrobe outside?
You decide not to help the old lady. Who knows what kind of old
people's illness you'll catch from her, right? Besides, how did she
end up waist-deep inside a hole in the middle of nowhere anyway?

Before your very eyes, the old woman strips away her bathrobe. You're
about to close your eyes shut when she suddenly transforms into a
youngish-looking (and busty) demoness.

"Hahaha, foolish human! For your ignorance, you have just released
the demon god Ferferlaiana into this world!"

"Sorry, can you repeat that? Ferfer-something?"

She ignores you as she says, "Now it's time to find that damned
priest and have him pay for this humiliation. But first, I have a
reward for you."

Is it cookies?
She casts a spell on you. You fall to your knees as your mind is
assaulted by all kinds of images, horrific images, crazy images,
lustful images and funny images. No, that last image was probably
a mistake.

Your brain endures the constant assault of images and emotions as she
does her best to brainwash you into become her willing slave.

Faced with the risk of losing yourself, what would you do?

Stop fighting.
Continue fighting.
You decide to stop fighting. You decide the pain is too much and you
can no longer endure it. Maybe you're just lazy and thinks fighting
is too much effort. Or maybe you just like being a demoness's slave.

The demoness laughs when she realize that you're no longer fighting
her control.

You decide to keep fighting. No matter what, your brain is your own
and no demon will control you.

Or maybe you're just a masochist and love the pain. Weirdo.

However, you realize that you can't possibly win from sheer willpower
alone. Something else must be done!

Distract her with philosophical discussion.
A compromise.
After turning you into her loyal and willing slave, she proceeds to
modify your body.

First your bones creak and break. You lose some of your ribcage and
a considerable mass in your bones. In exchange, a pair of draconic
wings comes out from your back. On your head, a pair of horns push
itself out. Meanwhile something comes out of your rear. Your tail
bone pushes itself out, extending to become a whip-like tail four
feet long.

The pain of your transformation is excruciating. However, it lasts
only for a moment. When you wake, you features have completely
become demonic. Your mistress, the demon goddess whose name youcan't
pronounce is missing, but her voice, clear and crisp remains.

It is an order. "Give me the human world." Of course, her wish is
your command.

Under your tyranny, one human kingdom after another fall to ruins.
With all the powerful countries on their knees, it seems like your
evil reign will spread unchecked. Fortunately, the human kingdoms
have one last card to play. They send a group of heroes to
assassinate you. After many battles, a lone hero stands before you.

She is a girl with a beautiful face, with shoulder-length platinum
blonde hair, firm limbs, legs that go as far as China. She also has
a pair of nice rack and rear.

"Become mine, hero!" you offer with drool spilling from your lips.

"I refuse!" the hero says as she cuts you down.

You die, and your empire crumbles with your death. As the story goes,
though, you will return after 200 years. Let's try this again later.


Start again?
You decide to compromise. You tell her that you will stop fighting
and willingly become her slave if she will grant you only one wish.

She asks you what is your wish.

You tell her that you want to go home for a day, as it will be the
last time you will see it again.

She agrees.
She agrees to your request. Using her power, she opens a portal to
your home based on your fate. The demoness wonders why she's terribly
fatigued from just opening a town portal.

Of course, she doesn't know your home isn't in that world.

You enter the portal and comes out in front of your home. You quickly
go to the nearest church, temple, or shrine and asks for
purification. You never hear from that demoness again.

You have the last laugh. Muhahahahaha.


Play again?
The old woman mutters some strange words, causing your skin to dry
out and lose its firmness. Your spine weakens and you now stand with
a hunch. Your eyes lose its sharpness, allowing you to only be able to
see a few feet ahead.

You've been cursed.

Ashamed of having anyone see your hideous self, you hide in a cave
for the rest of your life.


Play again.
"Why did the chicken cross the road?" you ask.

"Huh? What's that got to do with anything?"

"I mean what makes the chicken cross the road?"

"Ah... eh... uh...? I don't know."

Why do you not know?
Should the chicken cross the road in the first

"Why are you buried waist-down in the ground?" you ask.

"Things happen, you know."

"How did you end up being buried in the ground?"

"There was a hole and I fell in, okay?"

"Why is there a hole in the ground?"

"Well... look, I don't know, okay? Won't you just help pull me up?"

Who put the hole in the ground?
Why do you not know?
"Why are you wearing a bathrobe outside?" you ask.

"This isn't a bathrobe!"

Why are you walking around in a bathrobe?
What is the fabric made from?
"Why are you walking around in a bathrobe?" you ask.

"I've told you, it's not a bathrobe!"

Are you looking to sell the bathrobe?
Don't you have anything else to wear?
"What is the fabric made from?" you ask.

"I don't know. I was tricked into wearing it. Would you please just
help me out?"

Are you looking to sell the bathrobe?
Don't you have anything else to wear?
"Who put the hole in the ground?" you ask.

"How should I know? Help me out!"

Which school did you go to?
How does it feel like to feel half-buried in the ground?
"Why do you not know?" you ask.

"I can't know what I don't know!"

Which school did you go to?
How does it feel like to feel half-buried in the ground?
"Should the chicken cross the road in the first place?" you ask.

"Why are you asking about chicken?!"

Aren't you hungry?
"Aren't you hungry?"

"What's that got to do with anything?"

"Because talking about chicken makes me hungry."

"Then stop talking about chicken!"

"Which school did you go to?"

"I didn't go to school."

"So you're illiterate, then?"

"I'm not illiterate!"

"How does it feel to be half-buried?" you ask.

"A little cold, a little wet. Wait, that's not
the issue!"

"Then what is the issue?"

"Help me get out!"

"Please focus on the current discussion, lady."

"Are you looking to sell the bathrobe?"

"Then what the hell will I wear?!"

"That's not my problem."

"Don't you have anything else to wear?" you ask.

"Don't judge me! I didn't wear this by choice."

"If you don't like it, you should just take it off."

"Then what will I wear?!!"

"AAAHHHHH!!!" the old woman screams.

"You're ugly when you're angry."

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"

"It's rude to say that. Didn't your mother ever teach
you manners?"

"Look, I'll give you magic. You don't have to pull me
out of this hole. Just please, go away!"

"I can live with that."

Learns magic.
You give the old lady a wave as you say, "Smell you

"Don't come back, you hear? Don't come back! Ever!"

You walk away from the angry old woman. Deciding to
continue west, you come across a city.

Practice magic.
With your powerful magics and great mastery over the
elements, your skills eventually attract the
attention of the rich and powerful. People flock to
you to ask for favours and to learn from you.

You eventually become known as Great Sorceress of
Felrad City.

With your wealth and fame, you live a life of pleasure
and decadence. Your household staff includes cat-eared
maids, bunny girl, a puppygirl, foxgirl and some other
girls of dubious origin. The crowning glory of your
collection appears to be a slime girl.

One day, you decide to take a discrete walk around the
neighbourhood alone. There you come across a family of
four. Suddenly you're reminded of the family that you
lost many years ago.

After much research and sleepless nights, you finally
find a way to return home. You create the portal,
power it up and leave without looking back. No one in
that world ever seen you again since then.

Play again?
You sneak closer to the sounds and in front of you is
a cliche fantasy scenery. A merchant's caravan is
under attack by armed bandits and it is up to you
to rush in and save the day, right?

Nah, you're not that dumb.

After all, you don't have a weapon on you. Rushing in
is stupid, regardless of how much martial arts skill
you have.

But what will you do?

You decide to hide and see how it goes.

You notice one of the bandits pulls away from the
battle after suffering a bleeding wound on his arm.
It doesn’t look life-threatening, but enough to take
out his ability to use his right hand. Seeing this
opportunity, you decide to...

You decide to help, but you have no weapon? How will
you help? Throw insults?

Still want to help.
You grab large rock from the ground. Testing the weight, hardness and grip against your other palm, you’re satisfied that this should be sufficient to assassinate the wounded bandit. Silently, you approach the bandit from behind.

Throw a 10 sided die.
If the number is bigger than 7...
If the number is equal or smaller than 7...
You decide to withdraw from the scene of battle. There is nothing you can do here. You were a city girl, not a warrior princess.

Withdraw into the undergrowth.
Not having any other weapon, you look at your feet and decide on throwing a bunch of rocks at the bandits. You collect a number of rocks that can fit in your palm easily as you decide on the target.

Throw a 10 sided die.

If the number is equal or larger than 6...
If the number is smaller than 6...
You decide that as a decent human being, you should help the merchants against this band of cutthroats. You don’t have any weapon though, how should you help?

Throw rocks.
Make noise.
Your attempt to assassinate the bandit ends in failure. The bandit hears the rustling of your footsteps on the forest ground and set a trap for you. You are captured and later sold as a sex slave. You will never go home again.

TERRIBLE ENDING. Unless you actually like it. Weirdo.

Start again?
Success! You smash the rock against the side of the bandit’s head so hard that you can hear his skull breaks. Checking to see if anyone notice your little sneak attack, you realize that nobody was looking your way. You quickly pull the body into the bushes and proceeds to strip him of his valuables.

You manage to loot:
1 leather armour
1 wooden shield
1 iron sword
1 iron knife

You also gain some silver coins. Roll a 10 sided die. Multiple the result with 6 to get the amount of silver he had on his body.

Walk away.
After putting on the armour and testing the sword and shield, you stealthily use the bushes to hide yourself. You only breathe a sigh of relief after you’ve managed to run far enough that the sound of the battle is no longer heard. With your loot equipped, you return to the road and heads for the city of Fulman.

To the city.
You decide to make some noise. After deciding what to do, you collect rocks and sticks and use it to make a distraction. You throw the sticks and rocks against trees and into bushes, making sure to make a loud sound.

Throw a 10 sided die.

If the number is equal to or bigger than 8...
If the number is smaller than 8...
Success! The noise you made drew the attention of both the guards and the bandits. However, the guards recover quicker and proceed to cut down the bandits one after another in their moment of confusion.

Seeing that it is no longer possible for them to win, the remaining bandits run away leaving their injured comrades behind.

The guard leader, thankful that they manage to survive, calls for you to come out.

Show yourself.
Failure! Nobody notices your attempt at distraction. Perhaps you didn’t throw hard enough. Maybe they’re too focused on their own battles that they didn’t notice anything else. Or maybe you just plain sucked.

The point of the matter is, you failed.

Continue to watch.
Partial success. You managed to distract many bandits, allowing them to be cut down in their moment of confusion. However, you failed to distract the other bandits and that caused many guards to lose their lives, even though they managed to chase away the bandits in the end.

The guard leader breathes a sigh of relief that he survive another day, but laments the fact that many of his subordinates fell in battle. He calls out to you, telling you that he means no harm.

Come out of hiding.
Success! Every one of your rocks hit their mark, stunning the bandits from the sudden attack. Faced with such opening, the guards strike hard. In split seconds, many bandits die from the guards’ attacks. The remainder of the bandit troupe flee as soon as they see that there is no longer any hope of winning.

The guard leader breathes a sigh of relief at the almost flawless victory. He calls you out, stating that he means you no harm.

Show yourself.
You come out of the bushes feeling elated that you have done something good today. The guard leader welcomes you and thanks you for your help. The merchant they were protecting, a beautiful mature woman of significant charisma comes out of the carriage and thanks you for your timely intervention.

Of course, talk is cheap, right? Being the jerk that you are, you ask for a reward from the beautiful mature woman.

As you have no more option, you decide to watch their struggle to the very end. It’s the least you can do for these brave men and women.

The conclusion.
The beautiful mature woman smiles in understanding. She thanks you from the bottom of her heart while offering you your reward, the Amber Ring of Elven Friendship. She also gives you a pouch full of silver coins. To know how much silver it contains, roll a 10 sided die. Multiple the result of the roll with 12 to get the amount of silver inside the pouch.

To the city.
You watch as the last two guards fight three bandits at the same time. Another bandit enters the carriage and the carriage shakes as the occupant inside desperately fights the bandit. The two guards manage to slay the bandits but not before suffering mortal wounds of their own. They slump to the ground, exhausted, before passing away in silence.

Walk away.
Check the carriage.
Knowing that there is nothing else you can do, you walk away in shame.

Continue east along a dirt road.
Follow the road north.
You come out of hiding at the guard leader’s request. The guard leader thanks you for your help but expresses his regret that you didn’t come earlier. For your assistance, he presents you some of the loot he acquired from stripping the bandits.

You receive:
1 iron sword
1 iron buckler
1 leather armour

The merchant inside the carriage also offers you a reward of money without coming out of her carriage. Roll a 10 sided die. Multiple the result of the roll with 7 to get the amount of silver you receive as reward.

You express your thanks and walk towards the city together with the guards.

To the city.
You continue east through the dirt road. On both sides of the road, you can see many people tending to the farms. In some places, you can see cows grazing on green pastures. You walk further along the road until you come across a small village.

Throw a 10 sided die.

If the number is 1...
If the number is 2 to 4...
If the number is 5 to 8...
If the number is bigger than 8...
You follow the main road north. After two days of camping outside, you reach the City of Grool. Not knowing anyone and not having any money, you wonder what is in store for you.

Roll a 10 sided die.

If the number is smaller than 3...
If the number is 3 to 7...
If the number is 8 or 9...
If the number is exactly 10...
Many years later, your many acts of valour and exploits become the talk of the region. Many knights from all over the region proposed for your hand in marriage, but you refuse them all. Many girls also offer to carry your babies, despite how you repeatedly tell them that you’re a woman.

Eventually, you find a nice girl and settle in a small village near the coast. Your name still resounds as the greatest hero of the continent, but none of them know that the hero called the Heroic Dragon Knight now lives peacefully with her beautiful wife and an adopted child.

One day, your name may be called again to battle the rising Demon Goddess whose name nobody can pronounce, but for now, you’re happy with your loved ones.


Start again?
You fail to research the way home, because you spend most of your time having fun with girls who idolize you instead of studying. That’s all fine, though, because your books sell so well you eventually become rich enough to buy the title of a countess and a neat patch of land.

Everyone praise you as the Mother of Women’s Erotic Literature, though over time, people start calling you something instead.

You eventually become known as Countess of Lewdness.


Start again?
You decide to investigate the carriage. Making a wide detour around the dead bodies, you look into the carriage. You see that both the occupant, a beautiful mature woman with a sword in her heart and the bandit with a knife in his neck are dead. It seems like they both fought their hardest and ended up slaying each other at about the same time.

Saddened by the scenery, you decide to loot their dead bodies indiscrimately. It’s not your fault that they all died after all. You were just passing through. Yes, let’s tell people that if anybody asks.

Your loot amounts to:
1 steel sword
1 steel mail
1 steel helm
Amber Ring

You gather the contents of every dead person’s pouches and manage to gather a small fortune. To find out how much you have, roll a 10-sided die. Multiply the result with 9 to find out how much you receive from looting their corpses. You monster!

You also later sell the leftover weapons and equipment alongside some trade goods for a large profit in the city. To find out how much profit you made, roll a 10-sided die. Multiply the result with 13 to find out how much profit you make.

To the city.
Become an adventurer.
You arrive at the village and with the help of everyone, you manage to settle into a pretty peaceful life.

Unfortunately, there is nothing fun to do in the village. You eventually grow bored of the simply life and decide to go on an adventure.

Through a stroke of fate, skill or simply rotten luck, your eventually became known as The Sewer Mouth Dragon Slayer.

Play again?
You arrive at the village and with the help of everyone, you manage to settle into a pretty peaceful life.

Eventually, you marry a hunter and learn how to use a bow and skin animals. You always smell of animal fat, but eventually you manage to reinvent soap and sells it for a high price to nobles and wealthy merchants. You become rich enough and use the money to buy a noble title along with some land.

You live happily ever after, before some reckless witch comes and curses you to sleep for a hundred years. But who cares, it’s still a GOOD END.

Star again?
You arrive at the village and with the help of everyone, you manage to settle into a pretty peaceful life.

You fall in love with a farmer and marry him after half a year. Using your modern world knowledge, you improve your farm’s yield. You become rich quickly and after ten years buys a nobility title along with some land.

You live happily ever after.

Start again?
You arrive at the village and with the help of everyone, you manage to settle into a pretty peaceful life.

After being tricked by the village chief, you are forced to marry the decrepit old man and become one of his trophy wives. One day, the village chief and all of his wives die from diarrhea after eating expired food. Due to your position as the village chief’s wife and the only survivor of the mass food poisoning, you’re suddenly thrust into the role of village chief.

Start again?
You enter the city and the peculiarity of your appearance and your beauty attract the attention of a local noble. You spend the years being one of his mistresses, but in exchange, he provides you with a generous allowance which allows you to research the way home.

When you inform him that you are going home, he nods his understanding and wishes you luck. You spend your last night as lovers and part ways as friends. You never see him again since you arrive home, but your new neighbour bears a striking resemblance to the nobleman you left behind.


Play again?
You enter the city, not knowing where to go or what to do. As you walk aimlessly along the side street, you are accosted by thugs. They tell you to hand over all your money or have unspeakable things done to you. Thankfully, a knight of the kingdom happens to pass by and he defeats them while protecting you.

He receives a significant injury from a sneak attack. Not knowing what to do, you lend your shoulder to him as he guides you to his home. You spend the next four days nursing him back to health. During this time you have many conversations, and you feel that you probably know him better than anyone else. Once he recovers, you thank him for his help and prepare to leave.

He holds your hand and presents you a gold bangle. You ask him what this means. Slightly embarrassed, he says, “Would you marry me?”

Of course, you tell him yes. It’s like a fairytale. You get married in a large church in the city, with many of his knightly friends and relatives in attendance. You feel slightly sad that your parents are unable to attend your wedding, but you know there is nothing you can do about it.

All that matters is that you live happily ever after.


Start again?
You enter the city, not knowing where to go or what to do. As a city girl, you have no knowledge of how to survive in a medieval city. You exchange whatever valuables you carry with you for a few silver. These silver coins you use to buy the cheapest of meals, until in the end, you’re left with only the clothes on your back. You know you can always go the prostitution route, but you still have some self-respect left.

Hungry and tired, you lie down on a dark alley and prepare to meet your maker.

But that is not your fate. A kindly baker comes across your weakened body and offers you some bread. When he realizes that you’ve been so famined that you can no longer chew the bread yourself, he brings you home and nurses you to health.

When you recover, he asks if you’d give him the honour of being your husband. You agree, not only because you owe him a life debt, but also because of his kindness. You become husband and wife a month later.

Within the next few years, you give birth to two beautiful little girls. They eventually inherit the bakery, allowing you and your husband to retire to enjoy the rest of your lives together.


Play again?
You enter the city, not knowing where to go or what to do. You sell the valuables on you to buy food. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long. You’ve tried finding work, but nobody would hire a girl who has no skills to survive in the middle ages. As you beg for alms on the side street, a big man stands in front of you with a bottle of ale in his hand.

He told you to marry him and he’ll take care of your food and lodging. You agree, as hunger makes everything else no longer important. You spend the years being treated like a slave and beaten for even the slightest mistakes. You fear you will eventually die from the beatings one day, but for now, you have food to fill your belly and a roof to sleep under.


Too bad...
You arrive at the city. It is a large, vibrant city where thousands of people live and do business. You spend the first month simply eating and sightseeing, but eventually, you realize that even your small fortune will disappear one day. Afraid of that happening, you ask the innkeeper if he knows any jobs that you can do. The innkeeper thinks about it and suggests that since you already have a full set of equipment, you should join the army.

“But I can’t fight,” you tell him.

“No problem, miss, when you join the army, they’ll give you basic training. You can even pay your way into the military academy and come out as a ranking officer, a scholar or even a knight.”

A knight eh? The thought appeals to your romanticized idea of a medieval warfare.

Or you can join the military academy and become a scholar. You may even possibly be able to research the way home.

What do you want to do?

Find a way to return home.
Become a soldier.
You decide to become an adventurer. With your awesome equipments and the small fortune you have, you hire numerous trainers in many types of martial disciplines. You even manage to hire a renowned sorcerer to teach you the many branches of magic.

Filled with all the knowledge and skills drilled into you, you set off on an adventure alongside the trusted friends you acquire as you studied under many masters.

Many years later...
You decide that entering the academy and becoming a scholar is your best chance of getting home. You spend the next three years pouring over various books, comics, porn and-

What? You’re a healthy girl with healthy urges. Of course you look for porn from time to time. Never mind the fact that most of the porn in the city were made by you and have the theme of girls’ love as its common characteristics. The point is, girls have needs, okay?

Roll a 10-sided die.

If the number is equal or smaller than 7...
If the number is bigger than 7.
You decide to enroll in the academy as an officer candidate. The payment is hefty and you have to make money through selling comics depicting women having fun. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Your books sell very well and you manage to make more money than you spend. Everywhere in the city, women, and some men look forward to your next release.

Roll a 10-sided die.

If you the number is 2 or less...
If the number is 3 to 5...
If the number is 6 to 8...
If the number is 9 or more...
Or you can choose to bribe your instructors.
Despite all your research and experiments, you fail to find a way to return home. Eventually, you give up and spend the rest of your life drawing lesbian porn.


Start again?
You return from your mission feeling very good with how things go. Behind you are the many supplies you’ve raided from the enemy’s supply convoy. The other nobles and lower ranked officers look at you with eyes of envy, but there is nothing they can do about it. After all, you deserve all the merits and fame you currently has.

The Blue General looks at you approvingly. He walks up to you and says, “You’ve done a good job. Raiding the supply convoy has denied our enemy significant advantage. We should press on and bring the fight to them now. Why don’t you lead the army for this push?”

“Or...” he adds, “You can raid more enemy supply convoys if you feel like it. Certainly, it will weaken them further.”

“Regardless, if you can lessen the burden on our supply train with the supplies you raided, I’m sure I can place more soldiers under your command for your assistance. What do you think?

If you wish to receive more soldiers, pay the value of supplies in silver and add them to your army count.
50 silver – 30 soldiers
300 silver – 400 soldiers

What do you want to do now?

Raid enemy supply convoy again.
Take the fight to the long-eared devils.
You fail to graduate as an officer or a knight. With no other prospect, you decide to become a common city guard. You eventually fall in love with another city guard and get married in a quiet ceremony.

The rest of your life before the Demon Goddess with unpronounceable name’s invasion was utterly boring.


Start again?
Realizing that the life of a knight isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, you drop out of school and join a mercenary company. During the demon invasion, your company was cut off from the rest of the army and unable to do anything about it, you and about 2000 of your comrades died in a ditch somewhere.


Start again?
Your talents with the sword and brush attract the attention of the third princess. Little did you know that the princess is a fan of your lesbian smut. Before you even graduate from the academy, she already secured the rights to be the only royal member to have you as her personal guard.

As time goes on, you not only become her personal guard but also her ‘best friend’. In order to not be separated from your ‘best friend’ (✿◠‿◠), you give the condition that you will only accept a marriage proposal from a knight who can beat you fair and square in a duel.

You lost a duel the week after you made the announcement. But that’s fine. The knight happens to be the third princess’s illegitimate half-brother. So no problem at all for you to remain ‘best friends’ with the lesbian princess.

Yeap! No problem at all.


Start again?
You graduate the academy with passing marks. Although you pass, you have almost zero chance of becoming an army officer as your grades totally suck ass. One of your instructors, whose greed is as high as the watchtower near the western gate offers you an option. You can pay him to put your name in list of the year’s ‘special’ student, if you know what he mean.

The options are:
Section Chief, commanding 30 soldiers – 50 silver
Company Leader, commanding 100 soldiers – 100 silver
Battalion Commander, commanding 300 soldiers – 200 silver

Of course, after many years of studying, you may have run out of money. Never fear, simply roll a 10-sided die. Add (NOT multiply) 50 to the number you get. This is the amount of money you’ve made from selling your lesbian smut all these years.

Which option will you choose?

Section Chief.
Company Leader.
Battalion Commander.
If you have no money for any of these choices
You choose to become a Section Chief. After paying the amount of 50 silver, you are led to your section, a bunch of 30 of the saddest excuse for a soldier you’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it.

The moment you receive the order for mobilization from the king, you lead your soldiers west, towards the border of the elven Arella Empire.


To the front lines!
You choose to become a Company Leader. After paying the amount of 100 silver, you are led to your section, a bunch of 100 of the saddest excuse for a soldier you’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it.

The moment you receive the order for mobilization from the king, you lead your soldiers west, towards the border of the elven Arella Empire.


To the front lines!
You choose to become a Section Chief. After paying the amount of 200 silver, you are led to your section, a bunch of 300 of the saddest excuse for a soldier you’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it.

The moment you receive the order for mobilization from the king, you lead your soldiers west, towards the border of the elven Arella Empire.


To the front lines!
You are currently standing in the tent of the Blue General, Count Ulser of Lemster. Being a lower ranked officer and not a titled noble, you stand at a distance from the planning table. On your left and right are other lower ranked officers, eager to make a name for themselves.

“No, this can’t work. We don’t have enough soldiers to push through,” the Blue General says as he rubs his goatee.

“But we can’t wait, the longer we wait the more reinforcements the long-eared devils will bring,” another noble argues.

“Can’t we get more soldiers from the king?” a noble wearing full plate armour asks.

“Impossible! The only soldiers left are in the Red General’s army. They have to maintain order in the northern lands. There is no point in winning the war against the devils if we lose the kingdom to the barbarian tribes,” a noble wearing a reddish hat speaks.

“If only we can disrupt their supply lines, somehow...” the Blue General ponders aloud.

“Why not order these young officers to raid the enemy’s supply convoy? It will be a little dangerous, but it’s better than letting them stay here without doing anything,” the same noble in reddish hat suggests.

The Blue General looks at the young officers, which includes you, one by one. He studies your faces, your builds and your temperaments, until his eyes returns to you. With his eyes looking straight at your face, he raises a finger and lightly points at you as he says, “What about you? Do you have what it takes to raid the enemy’s supply lines?”

Do you have what it takes to bring victory to the kingdom?

Of course! Raiding a supply convoy, you say? I’m overqualified for this job.
Pfshaw! Raiding supply convoys? Do I look like a small fry to you? Just send me to the front, I’ll bring the enemy general’s head for you.
You arrive at the location you were told to be part of the enemy’s main supply lines. Hiding in ambush under the thick undergrowth, you wait for almost half a day before your target, a caravan train laden with supplies of weapons, good and other stuff enters your view. You give a signal to the other teams to get themselves ready. When the caravan train is almost upon you, you blow the horn.

With the horn as a signal to attack, your soldiers come out of hiding. With an atmosphere of hungry wolves pouncing on its prey, you soldiers descend on the unsuspecting caravan guarded by only few soldiers, few at least, compared to your own forces.

Throw a 10-sided die twice.
The first number is your army’s casualty. Multiply it with 8 to get the amount of soldiers you lost in the battle.
The second number is your loot value. Multiply it with 11 to get the value of supplies in silver for your total loot.

If you win.
If you lose all your soldiers, you win nothing. Click here.
Empty String. Contact Ai-chan about it.

Start again?
Having lost all your troops, you retreat in shame. You are far too ashamed now to return to the main army camp and wanders around the area until come across a village in the south. They appear to be just simple farmers, untouched by the war.

What do you want to do here?

Settle down. Marry. Have kids.
Conscript them.
Coming into the center of the village, you announce loudly that all the men and able women in the village is now conscripted into your army. Anyone who refuses will be slaughtered where they stand by the name of the Blue General. Afraid of your threats, they agree to join you.

Throw a 10-sided die. Multiply it with 35. This is the amount of conscripts you receive.



Seeing that there are other villages in the area, you can do the same conscription as many times as you want to get free soldiers.

Raid enemy supply convoys?
Go straight to the front lines to get battle recognition.
You stand on the battlefield. Before your eyes are overturned carts, rusted iron equipment, unburied corpses and marks of ballista attacks. These are signs of battle, proof of how long both sides have been fighting for this stretch of land. With you army behind you, you give them a marching order.

If your total army count (soldiers + conscripts) is less than 500...
If your total army count (soldiers + conscripts) is more than 499....
You sight the enemy’s troops approaching. Calling your trumpeteer, you give the order.


Roll a 10-sided die.

If the number you get is bigger or equal to 5...
If the number is smaller than 5...
PRIORITY: If your conscripted soldier count is bigger than 600.
You sight the enemy’s troops approaching. Calling your trumpeteer, you give the order.


Roll a 10-sided die.

If the number you get is bigger or equal to 7...
If the number is smaller than 7...
PRIORITY: If your conscripted soldier count is bigger than 200.
You lost the battle. Whether it was because of the weather, lack of army discipline or simply because your soldiers were all cowards, it no longer matters. You lost the battle and there is nothing you can do about it except be silently lead to the enemy’s leader.

You own the Amber Ring.
You don’t know what an Amber Ring is.
You’ve won the battle! Amazing! Absolutely brilliant! Despite the odds that were stacked against you, you’ve managed to acquire an almost impossible victory. With the scent of victory still fresh in your noses (though it was really just fresh blood), you lead your army and march forth towards the enemy general’s main camp.

They fight well, but your army is numerically superior and has much higher morale from the recent victory. All defenders that try to bar your way are met with a swift death. Those still alive scatter into the surrounding forest, afraid to death of your marching juggernaut. Your army march almost unopposed until you arrive at the long-eared devil’s general’s tent.

A single woman comes out. It is an elf! Not just any elf, but the most beautiful elf woman you have ever seen! Not that you’ve seen many. She throws down her sword in a symbolic gesture of surrender and agrees to any of your demands as long as her people are not harmed.

Of course, you being the lewd otaku that you are, tell her to become your slave. She is a little afraid of your demand, but accepts it if you will allow her people to go free.

You retire from the army as a wealthy woman. With the outcome of the decisive battle reaching even the ears of the king, you are granted peerage and now become a titled countess, governing the former elven lands. Nowadays, whenever people see you, they always notice the inappropriately dressed elven slave whose chain is always in your hand as she licks your feet hungrily.



Play again?
The long-eared devils, whom you now recognize as Tolkienesque elves stare at the amber ring around your fingers. One of them leaves you before bringing back one of the most beautiful woman you have ever seen in your life. Of course, she’s an elf too. Upon seeing your ring, she quickly makes an order for your rope to be loosened and for you to be sent straight to the capital.

The elven capital of Arella.
The long-eared devils, whom you now recognize as Tolkienesque elves strips you of your armour and weapons quickly. Then they pull your hand behind you and tie it with a long piece of hemp rope before pushing you to start walking.

They bring you to the tent of the enemy general.

A slavegirl to the general.
You enter the general’s tent accompanied by two soldiers.

As you’re pushed to the floor, you are mesmerized by the radiance and beauty of the blonde female elf before you. She is sitting on a chair made of wood and ivy, crossing her legs, revealing perfectly fair and white legs that appear longer than an 8-foot pole. The beautiful mounds on her chest rise up and down as her beautiful face makes a seductive smile seeing your entry. You have never seen such a beautiful woman before this.

“You are the enemy’s general?”

It takes a few moments for you to register that she was talking to you, “Huh? Well no, just one of the commanders of the front line.”

“I see. Not even a general. That means I can’t ransom you. Such trouble.”

“Are you going to kill me now?” you ask as you’re about to cry for your mommy.

“I should, but I’ll let you choose. Die by my sword or become my pleasure slave until the end of your life.”

“Allow me to become your slave!”

“That was fast! At least pretend to think about it.”

And that was how you became her slave girl. Nowadays, you’re always seen barely clothed with a collar around your neck while licking the elven general’s delicious legs. Delicious! Of course, you have other duties too, but let’s not get into too much details.

Is this a BAD END? I think it’s a GREAT END!
Play again?
The carriage takes you deep into the elven homeland. As you enter Arella, the Elven Empire’s capital, you notice that even despite the density of the city, it is always filled with greenery. Instead of the smell of smoke and poop, all that you can smell is the scent of flowers, leaves and grass.

The carriage stops before a large mansion, made from fusion of rocks and trees. A butler-like person comes out of the mansion and welcomes you to Her Majesty Queen Leslyn’s palace. He invites you in, guiding you through the corridors of the palace until you come across a majestic wooden door. He opens the door and announces your arrival.

In front of you, sitting on a throne made of white oak is a child-like elven female in rich garb and a garland crown. She welcomes you to her humble palace and asks to be allowed to see the ring on your finger. You gives the ring to the butler-person before he proceeds to show it to the queen.

The queen looks overjoyed as she touches the ring. She reveals to you that the ring is the only remaining memento of her mother who passed away many years before. It was originally given as a present to a human princess, but after the princess’s death, the ring changed hands many times. She has been trying to look for it for decades, with no luck. That is, until you come along.

As thanks for returning the ring, she offers you your freedom and an amount of gold and silver. However, you refuse and ask to be given the opportunity to stay in Arella. Being the magnanimous person that she is, she allows you to stay in Arella.

Over time, both you and the queen fall in love and gets married in a tranquil wedding attended by the elves, the gnomes and the fairies. You know that you will grow old long before she starts showing any signs of aging, but to you and to her, there is nothing else that matters more than love. With many years of peaceful days, you spend your days living happily ever after.

What’s wrong with girls marrying another? This is an elven society. They don’t really care, you know. They have entire lifetimes to breed a few children and a lot of times for lesbian fun.

Play again?



  1. Awesome ending is my not so awesome ending I guess

    1. There are two 'awesome endings'. Which one did you get?

    2. Went back home as a girl :( and alone.

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    1. I remove this comment because I consider posting what my end as a spoiler to others, PM me if you really want to know


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