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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Felicia's Second Life Epilogue: The Souvenir From Lytis

The Souvenir From Lytis

Hello! I am Latreia Tullenaris Melstad, baroness of Mruna and second daughter of the duke of Renus. Most people call me Baroness Latreia, but you're all my daughter's friends, so just call me Rhea. My father, my husband and my siblings call me Rhea too. My children call me mother. Usually my daughter makes the introduction, but it's finally my moment to shine.

Yay me!

You know, I originally wanted to receive them at the port. I did try going to the port. Walked almost two hundred feet too, before I gave up and asked Suin to carry me home. Walking is too tiring! So now I'm just waiting for them to come home.

Quickly get home! I want to go to sleep already!


"We're hoooome!" my husband and son announced as they opened the front door.

"Welcome hoooome!" I cried as I hugged first my husband and then my son.

I looked around. "Where's my daughter?"

"She'll be home shortly," my husband said as he took a seat at the dining table.

"How can anyone be so popular?" Yox mumbled.

"Why? What happened?"

"She was mobbed and carried away the moment we stepped down from the ship. I can't believe my daughter is more popular than me, the baron. I'm feeling very neglected," my husband whined with his left cheek on the dining table. He looked very depressed.

"Fufufu, that's my daughter, alright!"

"Unn, at least we're a naval power now,” my husband said without raising his head from the table.

"Naval power? What do you mean, dear?"

"We seized three triremes. Alongside Felicia's big ship, we have a stronger navy than even grandfather now!" my son Yox explained excitedly.

"Oh my, but our navy is already stronger than father's fleet. Fufufu. Let me guess, you haven't seen the other ships yet, Yox?"

"What other ships?" my son looked at me with disbelief. (O.O)

Fufufu, that’s what you get for never coming home since the day you left for the knight’s academy. "Oh my! Dear, I know you're tired from the journey, but would you show him Felicia's new ships tomorrow?"

"Sure. Tomorrow sounds good."

"I'm hooome! Mother, I'm hungry."

"Oh my, oh my. You're a girl, Felicia. Try to show some restraint," I said as I opened my arms wide, allowing my daughter jumped into my arms.

"I want food! Food! I've spent weeks eating canned food on a swaying ship. I want real food, mother!" my daughter declared as she swung her arms in a childish gesture that reminded me of her real age despite how mature she was most of the time.

"Oh my, you're such a spoiled girl, Felicia." I patted my little girl's head. She purred in happiness.

It was while patting and rubbing Felicia’s head that I noticed there was another head behind her. No, I don’t mean Lili, she’s always around Felicia these days. With how similar their faces look like, though, they’re starting to look more like twins than real twins.

"Who's that?" I asked while pointing at the extra head behind her.

My daughter's face paled as she asked, "Wh-who's who, mother?"

"The girl behind you."

My daughter's face paled as she slowly turned around. The moment she saw the girl, she exclaimed, "Arhk! The pest!"

"Teeheehee, I followed you home, big sister Feli,” the little girl giggled sheepishly. The little girl looked surprisingly adorable. Even more adorable than Felicia when she was the same age. Oh, where have the years gone?

"Are you a stray dog?!" Felicia scolded.

"Souvenir?" I asked.

"Mother, you can clearly see this is a human."

"Sul needs a home... nyan!" the little girl mewled while placing her right fist on the side of her head in a gesture that looked like a lucky beckoning cat.

So cute!

“Hey! Are you a dog or a cat? Make up your mind, you pest!”

"I've decided!"

My daughter's face made a mask of apprehension as she said, "No, mother, please don't decide anything. I'll kick the stray dog outside. I'll put her into a crate and ship her back to Lytis. We can pretend like this never happened. Just please, don't make any decision!"

"We're going to keep her!" Yup, I've decided.

"Yay!" My souvenir cheered.

"Noooo!!! Father, say something!"

"I'm hungry too."

"Not that! Father, please grab mother. I'll pry the pest away from her!"

"No! It's my souvenir!"

"Mother, that's not a souvenir. That's a cursed object! Let me throw it away!"

"You're exaggerating."

"I'm not! She's going to haunt me until my death! Throw it out, mother!"

"Don't wanna!"



"Can't we just go straight to lunch? I'm really hungry," my husband intervened.

"Father, help me!"

"It's just a little girl, Felicia."

"That's not a little girl, father! It's an evil spirit. A cursed object!"

"That's a very mean thing to say, Felicia."

"She followed me all the way from Lytis!"

"Is there anything to eat, Rhea?"

"Don't ignore me, father!"

"You're in luck! I've just baked a cake. Let's eat together while Suin prepares some lunch," I said while hugging the souvenir.

"A cake?!" my husband paled.

"A cake?!" my children asked in disbelief.

"That's right! Come on, eat up! I made this when I heard you were coming home. You too, Lili. I've made enough for everyone."

Lili expressed her gratitude when I gave her a portion of the cake on a silver plate.

"Woah! First day of being home and I get to eat mother's cake! I've never eaten anything you baked in my whole life, mother!" my son exclaimed as he looked at the cake I placed in front of him.

"There is a reason for that..." my husband commented.

"Ah, my lord, you shouldn't..." Suin came out looking worried.

"Wow, mother, I didn't know you can bake! This looks good!" my daughter praised.

"Ah, er, it's okay, I will finish it for everyone. Don't worry, you don't have to eat it."

"What are you talking about, father? How can you selfishly eat it all on your own?" my son argued.

"Yeah! I'm eating it, I've never eaten anything mother baked before!"

It’s been so long since my son Yox and my daughter Felicia ever agreed on anything. I’m so happy. My children are finally being nice to each other again.

"There's really a good reason for that... Oh damn it, you'll understand."

Everyone took a bite at the same time.

Everyone shed tears at the same time. (TT-TT)

Oh my, oh my. Are you all so happy that you're in tears? I feel so appreciated!

"Salty..." the souvenir said with a river of tears flowing down her cute face.

Eh? Is there a problem?

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  1. i laughed so hard at this XD SALTY CAKES OMG

  2. Atleast its not a KO food.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Thanks for the chapter! Man I luv your work.

  4. Thank you everyone who read and and supported me so far. With this, the first book is done. I'm going to do a final check and then prepare the book for publishing within this week. Please look forward to the prologue to volume 2.

    Thank you again, everyone.

  5. Thanks for the chapter hahaha salty cake :P


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