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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Traps Are Delicious

Traps Are Delicious

Hi, I'm Rin. When the school I went to went bankrupt, I had to find another school to go to. The only choice left was a school that is so full and crowded, there's hardly any room to breathe. So with only one week left to change schools, I had to do something drastic. I picked the only other choice left, which is an all-girl's school. By the way, I'm a boy.


Have you ever feel like being in such a mess, that you have no idea what to do? Have you thought that, at some point, the problem that you've been putting off has been accumulating until it becomes too big for you to handle? Has said problem been plaguing you all night and day, that you stop thinking about anything but that problem?

Well, that's what happen to me. I must have been so preoccupied with my thoughts that I didn't realize I was...

You know... scratch that. I have absolutely no idea how I end up hanging by the concrete parapet at the end of the corridor of the 3rd floor of the school.

"HELP!" I cry out loud. I repeat it twice more as the strength of my fingers starts to slip.

Just as the strength in my fingers are about to fail, my arms are grabbed by two men, teachers. Slowly, with their middle-age strength, they pull me up, until half of my body is in the safezone. They finally let go of my arm once my feet touch the floor again.

It feels so great to have something under my feet again.

"Huff huff, why would you commit suicide, boy?" one of the teachers, a bespectacled man with a paunch belly ask.

"I wasn't trying to commit suicide. I was busy thinking and then - and then the next thing I realized, I was hanging by my hands on the other side of the parapet."

"Must be a very deep subject then. Do me a favour. Next time you think deeply about something, sit," the other teacher remarks before taking his leave.

"Follow me to my office, boy. Wait, I'm clearing my office. Follow me to the - err, I wonder where would be good. Just follow me," the bespectacled teacher commands.

I recall that he's not a teacher but is actually the school's student counsellor. I don't remember his name, though, having only been here for two days. So following his orders, we walk down the Academic Block A, across the canteen, through an area containing a swimming pool. Then through water...

Wait, I'm drowning!

Thankfully, the teacher pulls me out right before I am about to sink to the bottom.

"That's the second time today, boy! Don't choose a school that is almost closed to kill yourself!"

"I'm not trying to kill myself! I just fell."

"How could you fall into the swimming pool anyway?"

I seriously have no idea. "Err... it wasn't supposed to be there?"

"The swimming pool has been there for the past four years!"

"Well, I've never been here before!"

"You should still be able to see it!"

"Then it must be elves."


"Or aliens. You know they're all over the place nowadays. Just the other day I found some aliens slurping curry noodles at a food stall near my house."

"I don't understand a single word of what you're saying... Well, we can't have you walk around with those wet clothess. Come with me, let's see if there's something for you to wear in the swimming club's changing room."

He then proceeds to rummage through all the boxes stacked to the ceiling, finding cheerleader uniforms, school swimsuits, and a bunch of girly costumes. It seems like the uniforms of every clubs in the school was stuffed here when they decided to close the school. I would love to see these uniforms in action on the bodies it was supposed to be put on.

"I'm sorry, it seems like there's only female uniforms here."

No way, seriously? What am I going to wear?

"Just give me the most normal-looking one. Why is it all female clothes anyway?"

"Most boys here joined clubs without a dresscode, but most clubs formed by girls were obsessed with getting their own separate uniforms. So I guess that's how we're burdened with having to deal with so many uniforms. Even the chess club had its own uniform if I recall correctly."

"Why does it all end up here? Why didn't they take it home?"

"Since they bought the uniforms with money given by the school, it belongs to the club, which in turned belongs to the school. I wish they had just taken it home, though. What am I going to do with all this stuff?"

"Sell it?" I suggest, while my eyes catch on to something that looks like a string bikini.

"Who's going to buy it?"

Perverts, maybe?

"And I'm in charge of this too! So troublesome - hey, I found a new set of school uniform. You can wear - oh, I forgot you're a boy."

In his hand is an unopened pack of school uniform. A girl's school uniform. In his other hand is also an unopened pack of school uniform. Why are they keeping school uniforms here? Do they sell school uniforms?

"Nevermind, just give it to me. I'm shivering."

"Are you sure? It's a girl's uniform. As a teacher, I shouldn't even be considering this in the first place."

"It's fine, just give it. It's not like you're forcing me to wear it, right?"

"Alright. Here, I'll wait outside."

"Thank you. I'll come out once I'm ready," I tell him as I start taking off my soaking white shirt.


"Done!" I announce as I come out wearing the full set of female uniform, the skirt of which barely reaches my knees. It's like a normal government school's girl's uniform, a white shirt and pinafore. The only difference is that the pinafore is red instead of the government's baby-blue.

"What's... with the wig?"

"Found it inside one of the boxes labelled 'theatre club'."

"No, I'm not asking you where you found it. I'm asking you why you're wearing it."

"I'm not going to walk around school looking like a pervert."

"I must not judge. I must not judge. I must not judge."

"What religious mantra are you chanting?"

"Nevermind, let's keep walking. Be careful not to fall into the swimming pool, a ditch or a toilet bowl."

Is that supposed to be a joke? I take off my white school shoes and white socks just in case. My original shoes and socks were drenched when I fell into the swimming pool, so I'm wearing a sports shoe and a pair of white thigh-high sports socks I found inside a box labelled 'lacrosse club'. Would be bad if I ruin these too, so walking bare-footed, I keep close behind the school counsellor.

He ignores me as he tries to open one door after another, most of which are locked. In the end, we come to a room labelled 'Student Records'. He takes out a bunch of keys and unlocks the door, gesturing me to follow him inside. It was a room with a lot of steel filing cabinets, two desks and two chairs. There is nothing else here.

"This is the counselling room?"

"As I've said, my office is being cleared. This is the only place that is both free and private. So please take a chair and let's talk."

"Is it fine? Aren't you clearing out your office?"

"It's fine. I still have a week left before I have to turn in my keys. What is your name again?"

"Azrin bin Ahmad Dan."

"Right, don't suppose you know your student ID number yet?"

I shake my head.

"That's fine. You've just moved in anyway." He enters my name into the computer.

I make a nod while being a little excited about wearing girl's school uniform in public. No, I'm not awakening any fetish. I'm not getting hard, either. My heart is just beating a little roughly.

"Alright, Azrin bin Ahmad Dan. 16 years old. Former student of Blue Sphere Private Academy." He gets up, goes to a particular cabinet and takes out a folder with my name on it. He places it on the desk without opening it. Then he looks into the computer screen, before looking at my appearance. He shakes his head.

"This is weird," he mutters.

"What's weird?"

"How you're looking so comfortable in the girl's uniform. Have you done this before? No, I'm not judging, just wondering."

"I have only two principles in this world."

"Oh? Mind telling me?"

"Be the best even if life puts me at the bottom! And if I am unable to do anything about it, I will just go with the flow."

"This is you going with the flow?"


"Saying that so firmly... you're very confident, aren't you?"

"My confidence is higher than Mount Everest!"

The counsellor looks like he is restraining himself from making a frown, but then slowly forms a forced smile instead.

"So, Azrin, how about we have a little talk? How's school?

"What do you mean how's school? There's only three people in my whole class! And I'm one of them."

"Well, can't be helped. You entered the school shortly after the board of directors announced its closure. I wonder how your transfer even got approved."

"It was approved two months ago. I only stated that I would transfer after two months."

"Ah, I see. That wasn't mentioned here. I should probably add a comment - nah. Let's not bother."

"Is it okay to be so lazy?"

"What do you mean lazy? I'm about to be transferred. All because the principal was an idiot. Instead of reporting that he made bad decisions that made the school lose money, he kept it hidden and kept making even more bad decisions causing us to lose our reserve funds too!"

"Oh, so that's why the school is closing."

"Don't tell anyone you heard it from me. But let's talk about you."

"What do you want to know?"

"Did you make any friends in school?"

"You mean those scrawny geeks? I couldn't summon the mood to make small talks. I can imagine why they'd want to stay as long as possible in an empty school instead of going to a new school where they'll get bullied."

"Scrawny geeks, you say? According to the academic records from your old school, your grades were in the top five. Do you not identify yourself as a geek as well?"

"Hell no! No single word can identify me. I am all rounded, good at everything, bad at nothing!"

"Yet you almost drowned in the swimming pool."

"I was caught off-guard! Anyway, my point is, I do not identify myself as a geek because I don't spend all my time studying. I have a wide range of interest."

"I see. I'm sensing some resentment in this term 'geek'. Did something happen in the past that-"

"Hey! No psychoanalyzing me!"

"I'm a school counsellor. Psychoanalyzing students is my job."

"Well anyway, I'm not a geek."

"I see, so how do you identify yourself in five words or less?"

"Confident! Mature! Handsome! Smart! Motivated!"

"I... see.... You are indeed very confident." He enters some stuff into the computer. "If you are granted one wish, what would it be?"

"World domination!"

"Alright. What is your favourite colour?


"From one to nine, what's your favourite number?"


"May I ask why?"

"Being first grabs too much attention. I can be at the top without having to deal with the hassle of being first place."

"I see, antisocial, huh?"

"I'm NOT antisocial!"

"If a boy slipped on a banana peel, what would you do?"

"I'd laugh at him!"

"What if it's a girl?"

"I'd still laugh at her!"

"What would you consider as humanity's greatest strength?"

"The fact that humans just won't die."

"No such answer. Please choose between 'integrity', 'courage', 'honesty', 'loyalty', 'cooperation' and 'ingenuity'.

"Umm, ingenuity?"

"What is your choice of reading material? Literary literature, comics, fiction novels, science journals."

"Science fiction."

"Fiction novels then. If you were given a million dollars. What would be the first thing you would spend it on?

"Gold and Land."

"I guess 'house' would be closest."

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"An egg or a chicken. Which comes first?"


"Is that a confident answer or just something along the line of 'I think so'?"

"Confident answer."

"'Definitely chicken' then. Alright. "You are an evil genius! You are smart, passionate to a fault and have good imagination. As an evil genius, people rely on you to make accurate assessments and decisions. You may not always be 'the leader' as your passion can sometimes get in the way, but we can say with absolute certainty that you're always 'the boss' of the group."

"Hey, did you just make me do an online personality quiz?

"Yes, I did. Now time to copy this and paste it into your psychiatric evaluation."

"Hey, don't half-ass my psychiatric evaluation you quack of a counsellor!"

"Get real. It's not like anyone can be motivated working in a school that is going to be closed in a week."

"I think you're the one who should be getting a psychiatric evaluation."

"Haa? You have something to say? Huh?" He took a deep breath. "Alright, fine. Lets talk about your home life then."

"I have a mother. My parents are divorced."

"Do you want to talk about the divorce?"


"Any siblings?"

"None, there's only the two of us."

"I see. How would you describe your home life?"


"Don't say it like it's the best thing in the world!"

"Well, it's not like I can do anything about it. My mother's working away from home at the moment, so I spend every day alone. What is this for, though?"

"Hum? Every student is expected to have at least an entry on their psychiatric evaluation section. You're going to need this when you enter District 24 High School."

"Ah... about that! Can I not go to District 24?"

"If you're worried about being accepted, there's no need to trouble yourself. They received specific orders from the Ministry of Education to accept any of our students that applies to join their school."

"No, it's not about being accepted. I just don't like the school. Is there any other school that I can go to?"

"What's wrong with it?"

"What ISN'T wrong with it? I've visited it once. It's crowded, stuffy, small and geeks get bullied there a lot!"

"I thought you don't consider yourself a geek?"

"That's beside the point! My point is it's a terrible excuse of a school!"

"I'm sure there are worse schools that District 24."

"Yeah, in Bangladesh! Instead of sending everyone to District 24, the ministry should've poured money into this school and keep it open instead."

"It was considered, but there are legal issues with keeping this particular school open."

"I want to go to another school! NOT District 24!"

"Some of our students did choose to transfer to two other schools. They're the only schools that will process the application within a few days. All other schools will take from a month to three months to process transfer applications. They've also loosened their protocols concerning students from our school."

"What school?"

"Bestari Setia."

"Alright, get me into that!" Bestari schools are considered the best schools in the country, offering the best curriculum, the best equipments and the best teachers.

"No can do. They're full."

Of course, being the most elite government-funded school means it's also the most sought after school.

"Then why are you even suggesting that?!"

"You asked for the name."

"What about the other one, then?"

"Well that... there is a problem. You don't have the right equipment. Though... you would probably be able to pull it off, looking like this."

"What? What do you mean?"

"The other school is St. Catherine High School. It's an all -girls school. Which means you have absolutely no chance of entering that school, even looking like this."

"All-girls school?"

"Yes, arguably the best in the whole region actually, even better than Bestari schools. With your grades alone, you will definitely be able to enter. It's even possible to get a scholarship if you ace their entrance exam. But all these are pointless arguments because you're a boy."

"Is there no other choice?"

"You can apply for other schools, but you will have to go to District 24 before you receive their reply. Since I'll be transferred to another school, you'll have to do this yourself. Oh, those idiots. I've told them to keep watch on the ink gauge! Well, try to think about it while I go get a refill for the printer." the counsellor says so as he leave the room.

Think about it, you say? But I've already thought about it. I'm definitely not going to District 24. Transferring to other schools will require my mother's signature, and she's not around to give me that. Even if I can get my mother's signature, I will still be required by law to go to school in the meantime, which means I'll still have to enter District 24. In the case of St. Catherine, I won't be able to enter since I'm not a girl. So what to do?

I pace back and forth in the room, as the skirt swishes around my legs. Then I see the reflection of myself on the window. I can't tell who it is at first, but after a few seconds I realize that it's me. I look no different from a girl. With this, a thought enters my head and I act on it without a second thought.

I cross over to the other side of the desk. Without sitting, I look over the student information displayed on the computer and navigate to the Personal Information tab. The space where my profile picture should've been is empty, showing the words N/A. I quickly change my name from Azrin bin Ahmad Dan to Azrin binti Ahmad Dan and tick female under gender subheader. I change every gender-sensitive pronouns into female before pressing 'update' and returning the display to 'psychiatric evaluation' tab. Then I open the folder on the desk and take out the first page, the Personal Information, crumple it and stuff it into one of my shoes.

I have only taken a seat for four seconds before the counsellor enters. He sits on the chair on the other side of the desk and skillfully changes the printer's ink cartridge in just seconds. Then he turns back to the computer screen and the printer starts printing shortly after.

He sighs when he opens the folder. "Clerks! I know the school is almost closed, but at least do your job properly!"

Then he goes back to the screen, clicks, and instead of printing the Personal Information page, his eyes catch something on the screen. He instantly snorts at what he sees. He looks me up and down while the corners of his lips attempts to turn upwards on his face.

No way, am I busted?

But instead of outing me, with his lips trembling as if unsure whether to laugh, frown or act natural, he asks, "Would you like to take a picture for your school profile?"


He takes out a smartphone and snaps a picture of me looking dumbfounded. Then he connects the smartphone to the computer and transfers the picture into my personal school profile. Meanwhile, I just sit quietly not understanding what just happened.

With a straight face, he says, "It's late, you should go home now. I'll be around tomorrow in case you want to talk about anything else. Heheheh."

With that said, he pushes me out of the record's room.

With my borrowed shoes and socks on, I walk back to class to pick up my school bag and return home. It's just as I walk past the threshold of the school gate that I realize I'm walking in my new female uniform. Feeling panic, I run back to the swimming club's clubroom and turn the knob. It is locked.


After repeated attempts to pick the lock or find another way to get in, I give up. I'll just have to pick up my male uniforms tomorrow, when the teachers unlock the clubroom. Or if it is still locked, I'll have to find that counsellor and ask him to unlock it for me.

Which means walking home in this female uniform. It's fine. I'll be fine. This is training. I'm going to enter St. Catherine. I need the training.


Next Monday, almost a week later, I stand before the massive gates of St. Catherine Girl's School. Wearing my Mahmud Baginda High School girl's uniform, I steel my heart and walk into the school that I will be attending for the next two years.

"You over there!"

Crap! Have I been found out? I've only been here for five steps.

I slowly turn my face towards the voice. It is a pony-tailed girl, holding a paper fan in her right hand and wearing an armlet with the letters DC written on it on her upper left arm. DC should stand for discipline council, so maybe she's a prefect?

"Why didn't you register yourself with the guard post?"

"Eh? I still have to register with the guard post? Sorry it's my first day here, I don't know the rules."

I had received the School Rules booklet along with the acceptance letter. If you're expecting me to read all twenty pages of it, though, you don't know me all that well. I hate rules. My personal motto is "Break The Rules, And Get Away With It".

"Your first day? Are you a transfer student?"

"Yes, my name is Azrin Ahmad Dan. This is my first day here. Do I still have to register with the guard post?"

"You should have received a name tag alongside the acceptance letter."

Oh, I did receive it. I forgot all about it, should be in my bag somewhere... "Here!"

"Wear it everywhere until you receive your new uniform and identification wallet."

"Okay," I say as I clip the name tag between the slight swells on the chest part of my school uniform. In case you're wondering, these are silicone falsies a certain neighbour let me borrow. I haven't changed gender yet. Wait, what am I saying? I will NEVER change my gender!

"May I ask, where should I go for now?"

"Meet up with your homeroom teacher. Who is it?"

"Miss Arreana."

She pointed at the closest building. "First floor, Door Number 4. If she's not there, ask the other teachers where she may be."

"Thanks a lot for your help."

"Big sister Sofia."


"I'm your senior. So you must call me big sister. And my name is Sofia."

If you're my senior, then you're only a year older, aren't you? I doubt you're a Form 6. Those people's existence are separate from Form 4 and Form 5 students, like me and her. Besides, calling someone unrelated to me as 'big sister' is kind of disgusting. Still, making enemies on my first day of school will be bad for the rest of my days at school. So let's just admit defeat this once.

"Thanks, big sister-"

"Arissa! I've told you many times don't shorten your skirt!"

"Eeek! It's Demon Sofia!" The girl called Arissa squeals before shooting off in the general direction of the academic buildings followed closely by Sofia who is brandishing her paper fan.


"Class, we have a new student today. She's from the now-closed Mahmud Baginda High School. Please introduce yourself, Azrin. Make it short."

I look at all 16 female students in the class, take a deep breath and start my introduction.

"Hi everyone, I'm Azrin Ahmad Dan. Please just call me Rin. I live in Subang Jaya. Pleased to meet you," I introduce myself with a cheerful female voice. Well, I don't actually do anything much with my voice, really. A certain neighbour told me that it was fine, and that it wasn't masculine in the first place. It was kind of a punch in the gut, really.

I stand in front, expecting some questions, but, strangely, everyone is quiet. Serene, even.

No way! Did they found out from my mannerism? Or was my voice masculine after all? Could it be that a certain neighbour pranked me? If that's true, I will beat her up repeatedly with a soda bottle when I go back. Assuming of course, I'm not going to be sent to the police in the first place.

"There's an empty seat next to Lilia. You can sit there, Azrin."

"Yes, teacher," I speak with a small voice, fearing that I am going to be revealed as a boy at any time.

Homeroom continues for ten more minutes before Miss Arreana concludes it by telling me to meet her after class for my school entry exam and to pick up my new school uniform. The whole time, I'm sitting on pins and needles wondering when I will suffer punishment for crossdressing in a girl's school. When the teacher leaves the class though, the class suddenly erupts in cheers and the class mood improves immediately. Most of them even come and introduce themselves to me.

From them, I learn that Miss Arreana is extremely strict and expects absolutely noble composure from her students. Anyone who shows any act that is considered unbecoming of young ladies will get the paddle. Yes, they still allow the use of a paddle in this school! So that is the reason for all the serene faces in the class.

Phew, so I didn't actually screw up. Certain neighbour, you're safe from retaliation for now.

"Get back to your seats. Miss Maya's class is about to start," a girl with blondish hair and slightly caucasian face speaks to the girls surrounding me. She is the one who sits at the table in front of me.

By the way, my seat is in the last row.

"You're such a spoilsport Aerfean," a girl by the name of Nadia pouts.

"Aerfean? Are you a foreigner?" I ask.

"My father is Welsh, my mother is Malay. Now put away your stuff. Next lesson is math. Miss Maya Rosacea is the teacher."

And so I spend the first day at an all-girl's school as a girl. Not that it's anything new. I spent three days at Mahmud Baginda as a girl as well. So it's not big deal. I can handle it. I'm not paranoid.

My two remaining teachers at Mahmud Baginda gave me strange glances at first, but never asked questions. My remaining classmates meanwhile, couldn't care less. They probably didn't even notice that their male classmate had turned into female classmate.

At the end of the school day, I visit my homeroom teacher for the entrance exam and receive my new school uniform. They're three sets consisting of white shirt, plaid skirt and blazers. I've never been so excited about getting girl's clothes. No, I'm still not awakening any secret desires. Please don't lump me in with all the perverts who did this for sexual gratification. This is work. Work!

Later at night, I show my new school uniform to a certain neighbour, who proceeds to give me a full hair extension therapy and facial care for a discount while saying things like "Kyaaa! That's so nice!", "You're too cute, Rin-chan!" and "Leave it to big sister, I'll make you the cutest trap in the whole world!"

Her enthusiasm kind of terrifies me. So I only go so far as to allow her to style my hair following her preference. I draw the line when she offers to attach a bigger pair of silicone breasts to my chest.

You're wondering what my uniform looks like? Well, it's a maroon blazer over a white shirt. There's also a similar checkered maroon coloured plaid skirt that goes along with it. A certain neighbour made me wear a ribbon too on top of everything. I obliged her, as I knew I would still need her help in the future.



  1. Lol at the wise words "Traps are delicious, but aren't edible" xD

    1. Traps are indeed delicious, but you shouldn't eat them :P Thanks for reading and merry christmas.

  2. I wonder if there will be more traps in the future... ;D

    1. There will. Will release one of the routes soon. Merry Christmas.


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