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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

But They're Not Edible

But They're Not Edible

First route for Traps Are Delicious

It is a nice, sunny day. I wake up early, bathe myself with a sweet-smelling bath foam, walk to the Subang Jaya Komuter Station, then switch trains at KL Sentral. I walk out of the Bandar Tasik Selatan Komuter Station and then walk for about ten minutes to reach my new school, the St. Catherine Girl's School. Considering the location and the distance, this school should've been my last choice, even my old school, Blue Sphere is closer, but this is the only place that will accept me within just a week. If I'm allowed to drive though, this is actually pretty close to my home, only 20 minutes away. Since I take the Komuter railway network, it takes me like an hour to reach school instead.

Besides, the reason I had to leave Blue Sphere when my parents divorce in the first place was because it was expensive. Mom couldn't afford even the tuition fees, let alone all the extras such as school trips, club fees and other stuff. I suppose we could've asked dad to continue to pay for it, but it seemed like mom was against that.

When I received the acceptance letter for St. Catherine, I felt a little blessed for having a feminine face. It gave me a bit more option in this case. Although my National ID still identifies me as male, apparently, the school couldn't be bothered cross-checking my photoshopped National ID with the citizen database. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if schools have access to citizen database in the first place.

Right now, though, I'm feeling a little cursed for having a feminine face.

"Open wide, Rin. Aaaah..."

"Rin, let's go to the canteen together."

"You girls, back off! She's going to have lunch with me."

Yes, it seems like right now, I'm being fought over by three girls. By order of appearance, they are, the girly Zara, the bossy Shahira and the sporty Loretta. Normally, I would consider this as heartwarming female bonding, unfortunately, my gut feeling is saying that this isn't normal.

You see...

Zara is sitting next to me, our chairs pressed next to each other while she's feeding me small pieces of boneless chicken using a chopstick. Shahira is pulling my hand insistently. Loretta is hugging my neck tightly, mashing her small boobs against the back of my head while pulling my head on the opposite direction as Shahira.

How come I was never this popular as a boy?

"Knock it off!" I hear a voice as each of the girls are smacked on the head with a rolled up chemistry textbook.

"Hurts!" Loretta said.

"Aiya!" Zara said cutely.

"Ow!" Shahira cried.

"Don't scare off the new girl, you weirdos," Aerfean says as she hit the palm of her hand with the rolled up textbook.

"But Aerfean... how can I resist this beauty in twintails? She looks so cuuuute!" Loretta says as she rubs her chin on the top of my head.

Thankfully a certain neighbour used hair extension on me yesterday. Had this been a wig, it would've fallen off. That would be very bad.

Aerfean smacks Loretta on the head with the rolled up textbook again. "Let go of her right now."

Aerfean is showing some really dark aura right now. Or it's probably just my hallucination from the lack of air. Loretta is hugging my neck too tightly!

Faced with Aerfean's glare and the threat of being hit with the chemistry textbook again, like Loretta, Shahira also raises her hand in surrender and takes a step back. Only Zara is unable to sense the mood and continues to shove pieces of boneless chicken into my mouth, while telling me how cute I look eating the lunch she prepared. She even asks me if I'd like her to prepare lunch for me tomorrow.

Ahh, why couldn't I be this popular as a boy?

Soon after that, the bell rings and the students slowly trickles back into the class, Shahira come close and whispers into my ears, "I'm definitely going to capture your flags. Look forward to it, Rin."

Capture my flags? Is this a galge dating sim? No, wait. Since I'm wearing girl's uniform and she sees me as a girl... no way... is this otomege? Noooo!!! My pride as a man!


Ding dong!

Comes the sound of the doorbell.

"Who could it be?" I ask while holding my lacquered nails up in the air.

"You're not expecting guests?" a certain neighbour asks.

"No. Who would visit anyway? Mom's not here and apart from the neighbours we exchanged doorgifts with when we moved in, we don't know anyone else."

"Maybe your new classmates?"

"Oh lord, please don't say that, even as a joke! If they actually went out of their way to find out my home, and believe me some of them would likely do it, I will have to wear girl's clothes at all times. Home is the only place I can become a man."

"Doesn't look much like a man when you have these B cups attached permanently on your chest." She pokes my silicone falsies as if to make a point.

"Wait! This is permanent?!!!"

Ding dong!

"Hahaha, I'll let you figure that out." That certain neighbour goes to the door and after checking at the peekhole, opens it slightly.

On the other side of the door are two men wearing AXXA deliverymen uniform, one of them hands her a clipboard to which she signs. Then she opens the door fully, allowing the two men to carry their cargoes inside. Both of them greets me when they see me sitting on the sofa with my fingers raised and my feet resting on the coffee table while I'm waiting for the polish to dry.

"Put it here. Here." She points at an empty spot in the living room. Originally, it was supposed to be a spot for mom's chinaware cabinet, but when my parents divorced, dad wanted the cabinet and its whole contents instead, so that spot has remained empty all this time.

After depositing five cardboard boxes in the living room, the deliverymen leaves followed by that certain neighbour. She thanks them, drops a note of ten into the hand of one of them and closes the door behind them. Then she returns, hugs me from behind and says, "Rin-chaaan, it's a total success ~ They totally think you're a girl."

Groans. "What else would they think when there's a person with a pair of B cup breasts sitting on the sofa while waiting for that person's nail polish to dry?"

"I wonder what's inside the boxes." She goes into the kitchen and comes back with a knife.

"Mom won't like it if you open her stuff."

"But it's addressed to you, Rin-chan."

To me? Could it be my Xbox set? Or the whole collection of comics that mom hid from before my PT3 exams? Did dad send them to me from our old home? Could it be all of the above?

"Eh? Are these your old clothes, Rin-chan?"


"Oh, there's girl scouts uniform, I was in girl scouts too! Oh look! School swimsuits! My old school didn't have a swimming pool, so I never had a school swimsuit. And look, isn't this the infamous Mahmud Baginda Volleyball Club uniform that was famous for riding up the butt crack whenever the players make an overhead swipe?"

Girl scouts? School swimsuits? Volleyball club? Mahmud Baginda? Hold on, I have a bad feeling about this.

"Oh look, there's a letter addressed to you."

"Give me!"

You shitty counsellor! I don't have this kind of interest!!! How does he even know I enrolled in St. Catherine in the first place?

"Oh, there's another letter, Rin-chan~"

I press my palms to my face. "I don't want to look at another letter again."

"Oh, it's your end-school certificate from Mahmud Baginda. Oh my, you're female in Mahmud Baginda? A 'binti' too! And this picture is so cuuute! Can I keep this? Pleeeeease?"

Somebody please bury me now.


"Got you!" A voice announces as a pair of hands grab my (fake) boobs that are still covered by my white shirt.

"Noo! Don't touch me theeere!" With the glue attaching the silicone and my own skin firmly, I can slightly feel her fingers through the silicone as it contracts and compresses.

"Oh? Then were do you want me to touch?" Her right hand continues to squeeze my boobs as her left hand moves lower.

"Here, perhaps?" she whispers in my ear.



"Ow!" Her cries of pain and sound of a smack can be heard inside the classroom.

"Don't sexually molest our classmate in plain view at school, you pervert!" Aerfean says while holding a rolled up Physics textbook. She's already stripped down to her bra and panties, but haven't started wearing her Phys. Ed uniform yet.

"I'm just having a bonding moment with Rin, Aerfean. Oh, I know, you're jealous, right? Want me to touch you too, Aerfe-ow!"

"Are you still dreaming, Shira? Want me to put you back to sleep?" Aerfean threatens while standing over Shira. I can't help but notice that Aerfean has a very nice figure, and a pretty big pair of breasts too.

By the way, Shira here refers to Shahira. You know the bossy one of the three girls who seem quite into girls. Or more specifically, they're quite into one particular girl, me. As Malays are generally lazy, they try to find shortcuts in everything. So Shahira becomes Shira, Azrin becomes Rin, Arissa becomes Risa, Nadia becomes Nad, Alia becomes Lia and Loretta becomes Rita. Zara's name can't be shortened, though, as neither Za nor Ra are actual names. Aerfean told me while waiting for the bus after school that at some point in the past, someone tried to shorten her name to Air, but that person got beaten up discretely behind the school gym.

"Uuu, Aerfean's so scaaary! Rin, let's go to my home after school, okay? My parents' won't be home today. We can have all the time we need. Hehehe."

Hey, your parents aren't home? That's even more scary! I won't risk my chastity by going to your home when your parents' aren't around!


"Sexually molesting a classmate outside school is also forbidden."

"Then when would I be able to molest Rin?"

"How about 'never'?"

Aerfean is so cooool!

Thanks to Aerfean, I am able to change my clothes in peace without being molested (too) much by Shahira's lecherous hands. I receive several remarks of how cute my camisole is and how it suits my child-like and innocent demeanor.

It's not like I'm wearing this because I want to look innocent. I'm just worried people will discover that my breasts are fake. That will cause no end of my worries.

Today, we're playing handball. I've never played one before, so the rules are a little hard to follow for me. I've played basketball before, but it was quite different. As a boy in Blue Sphere Academy, though, I used to play football, which was previously the national sport. That was until 2015, though. After suffering continuous defeat in 2015 culminating in a horrifyingly embarrassing 10-0 defeat against Saudi Arabia, football carried such terrible stigma that everyone switched to futsal, basketball, badminton and squash.

Please forgive me for this background info, but this is just to make you understand my position. You see, in co-ed schools, handballs, although available, is not played all that much. In boys school, it's not played at all, because it has the reputation of being a 'girly' sport. Because this is a girl's school, they seem to play handballs every two weeks here, so everyone's an expert, except me. And these experts play a very hardcore game. It is a level of violence I have never seen before. Thus how, during a moment of confusion, my reaction to the oncoming ball is so slow that I receive the ball directly with my face.

I don't remember what happens afterwards.

I wake up in the infirmary with a bandage pasted to my forehead. "Hello?" I call as I sit up on the bed.

"Oh it seems like you're awake." A matronly voice speaks from the other side of the curtain. The curtain is pulled open, revealing the school nurse cum health teacher.

"What happened?"

"You were hit by a ball while playing handball. Tell me, how many fingers?" She holds out two fingers in front of me.


"Do you feel any pain on your head?"

"Only where it hurts."

"Are you feeling dizzy?"

"Not really, though I do feel a bit confused."

"Any muscle pain? Can you move your limbs?"

I move first my arms, then my legs. "Nothing much."

"Look at my finger without moving your head," she says while moving her fingers left and right in front of me. "Are you feeling any pain?"


"Alright, I think you're good to go. If you feel any lingering pain though, go to a clinic quickly, understand?"

"Umm, did you carry me here? Thank you very much."

"It wasn't me. Some girl named Shahira carried you on her back and ran here from the field."

"Still, thank you for fixing me up-"

"That wasn't me either. I was in the staff room when you came in. The girl did that herself, then she came to find me in the staff room. I was only here once it was all over."

"Oh, I see. Thank you anyway for your help, teacher," I thank her anyway before getting up from the bed and leaving for my class.

I enter the class in the middle of theoretical chemistry lesson, taught by Ms. Lakrina Eska. Apologizing for being late, I make a bow and goes back to my desk. Looking at Shahira who is sitting at her seat by the window, I mouth a 'thank you'.

Shahira waves dismissively and turns her head looking out the window.

Since we have only known each other for like two months, I imagine that she has something in her mind. So I leave her alone for the rest of the lesson.

Then comes lunch, and unlike usual, she doesn't pull me to have lunch exclusively with her. Therefore, there's only me, Zara and Loretta. Loretta brings her own lunch today. As usual, Zara feeds me herself, even though she prepared a lunchbox for me as well.

I probably should pay her back with something. I'm eating delicious, balanced meal every lunchtime without spending a cent. I don't like owing people and I definitely don't want to be a freeloader.

Meanwhile, Shahira goes to the canteen without giving me a single glance. Even when we have to interact, such as during group work, she only says the bare minimum to me. Yet she communicates at length with the other members.

This pattern continues for two weeks, by which time even Zara and Loretta starts to feel strange.

"Did you two have a fight?" Zara asks while feeding me fish roe sushi.

"Actually, I'm not even sure of that. She just stopped talking with me one day and I'm not sure why."

"Did you steal her boyfriend or something?" Zara asks again.

"She has a boyfriend?!" Both Loretta and I asks at the same time.

"I'm just saying! I don't know if she has a boyfriend."

"You should ask her, Rin. It could've been just a misunderstanding, I don't like seeing my friends fight over a misunderstanding," Loretta says as she drink her tea.

But aren't you guys competing for my attention? Will it be fine if I fix my relationship with your competition? Of course, I'm not going to say it out loud. Girls are fierce when they're competing for love. Best not make them remember that they're rivals.

After school, I quickly stand to the right of Shahira's table, effectively blocking her escape route.

"What is it?" Shahira who is standing while placing her books into her school bag stops what she's doing and leans against the window frame.

Seeing her acting so cold, I hesitate a little. "Shira... umm... can we talk a bit?"

She gives me a cold look then turns away as she proceeds to close the window. With her back towards me, she says, "Not here."

"Then where-"

"I'll tell you later. Please move aside."

"Wait, are you really angry with me? Why? What did I do?" Without realizing it, I accidentally say that aloud, causing everyone still in the class to turn their eyes on us.

"It has nothing to do with what you did. So please move aside."

"If I didn't do anything then tell me what's the problem, Shira!"

Hold on, why are there tears in my eyes?

"Move aside, Rin. I won't say it again."

Suddenly I feel a pair of hands holding me by my waist and pulling me backwards. Looking behind me, I discover that this pair of hands belongs to Aerfean. Towards Shahira, Aerfean says, "Settle it quickly, Shira."

"I know," Shahira says before she grabs her bag and leaves the classroom.

"Don't cry, Rin," Aerfean says as she wipes my tears away with a handkerchief. "You're ruining your makeup."

"I'm sorry, Aerfean. I-I don't know why I'm crying."

You're so manly, Aerfean. No wonder so many girls fall in love with you. Why is a girl more manly than me?!!!

"It's fine. Sometimes a girl just has to cry. By the way, makeups are not allowed at school."

Aerfean, you've just shattered your prince-like image with that last sentence.

"If you have to wear makeups, wear waterproof ones. But you're beautiful even without makeup, Rin."

Stop confusing my heart, Aerfean!


The next day, Shahira stands next to my table, and says, "Saturday morning at 11, Berjaya Times Square Coffeebucks. Here's my number. Don't contact me until you're there." Then she goes back to her seat without looking back, simply leaving behind a piece of paper with a mobile phone number written on it.

"Umm, what just happened?" I ask to no one in particular.

Of course, no one is giving me any answer.

At night, I talk it over with a certain neighbour.

"Ooooh! Isn't that a date?"

"A date?"

"A girl gave you a time, place and her phone number. That's a date!"

"A date? But she knows me as a girl!"

"Oooohh~ So she's one of those."

"What are you talking about?"


"Oh god, please don't say that. Please don't put a word to this trouble of mine.

"Hahaha! What's the big deal? It's an all-girl's school. Someone as cute as you, transfering so late in the semester, is like fresh meat to those types."

"Please don't say that so lewdly!"

"It's really not that bad. I've had some yuri flings in my day too. Nothing is lost between girls, you know."

"Only my innocence. Besides, have you forgotten I'm a boy?"

She makes a blank face for a second.

"Oh right, you're a boy!" She hits her right fist on her left palm with a loud smack.


"Aww, come on. Even your mother will forget you're a boy looking like this."

"Please don't make me regret doing this..."

"So tell me, how many girls have you snared with your cute and innocent look?"


"You do realize I have a direct line to your mom, don't you?"

"So what?"

"If you continue to lie~ I'll send this picture to your mom~" She shows me her smartphone. On the screen is a picture of me sleeping in lingerie. Girl's lingerie.

"Waiiittt! This is blackmail! How'd you get this anyway?"

I try to snatch it, but she manages to pull her hand away at the very last second.

"Tell the truth and this remains between us only."

"Fine! Three okay? Three!"

"I guess I'll just have to send it after all."

"I'm not lying! Really, only three girls are pursuing me!"

"You've been in an all-girl's school for two months and only three girls are interested in you?"

"You're talking as if all students of girls' school are perverts and lechers!"

"Have you even checked your locker, Rin-chan?"

"Locker? My bag can fit everything I need and my desk is more than big enough to keep stuff I can leave at school."

"Oh boy... Rin..." she puts her hands on my shoulder, "Seriously, on Monday, open your locker. And get someone else to stand by with a camera to record every moment when you open it. I expect to see a video, understand?"

"Why do I feel cold shivers all of a sudden?"

"Oh don't worry about it, but please don't forget to record the moment you open your locker, okay? Unless you're prepared to have your mom see this compromising picture of you..."

Scary! You're too scary, certain neighbour!

"Now let's decide what you're going to wear for your date tomorrow~"


"I'm here already, where are you?" I send a text to the number Shahira gave me. If she lied and this was someone else's number, well, I'll feel ashamed.

After another ten minutes, I send another text, "If you don't come, I'll do something drastic."

I really do feel like doing something drastic. Sitting here in this cafe wearing sweet lolita dress, it feels like all eyes are on me now. It's so embarrassing. Why would that certain neighbour make me wear this?

"Drastic like what?" is the reply that I receive.

"If you don't come, I'll go home."

Suddenly someone laughs behind me. I turn around and see Shahira in loose white shirt, black beret and pants sitting at the table behind me, laughing while reading a message on her phone. This style, it's the style of tomboys or pretty boys and she pulls off the look perfectly. Why does a girl look manlier than me and still look gorgeous?!

The moment she notice me looking, she coughs and tries to control herself.

"You were here the whole time..." It's not a question, it's a statement.

"I'm sorry, you were looking so cute, I didn't dare approach you."

"Uuu, if you're here, just come quickly! It was embarrassing!" I hit her lightly with my fists as I give my complain.

"Sorry, sorry. Well, let's get out of here then."

She takes my hand and pulls me away without letting me say a word. I would've liked to finish my ice-blended mocha at least. She's so unreasonable.

"Sorry, sorry. I'll buy you another one later. So forgive me, please," she says with a smile.

"Humph, fine! Where are we going?"

"Let's go to GSC Maxx."

A movie, is it?

"Shira, I thought we're going to talk?"

Her smiling face cramped at the mention of the talk, but she immediately recovers before saying, "Watch movie first, then have an early dinner, then we'll talk, okay?"

Just as she planned, we have a nice meal at an exclusive French Restaurant on the 11th floor after the movie. Now, most westerners can't understand why it's such a big deal, but in Malaysia, french cuisines are extremely expensive. A single meal can cost as much as the salary from 10 day's worth of work. Even my mom, whose monthly income is fairly above the average income will not even entertain the thought of dining at a French or German restaurant.

We do dine at Japanese restaurants from time to time. Before my parents divorced though, we often ate at Kenny Lodgers, Tony Roman and BBQ restaurants. My dad is a sucker for red meat. It's a good thing that both my dad and mom are out of the country.

Of course, I can't read the menu, since it's all written in French. So Shahira offers to order for me. After asking for my preferences and allergies, she orders in French. She's very impressive, to be able to converse with the waiter in fluent French. I've learned Mandarin and Japanese, but I've never been very fluent in it.

Shahira tells me that the steak is called Provencal Steak, but she only orders it because her father loves it very much. She herself only orders a normal-looking lamb chop. And this drink... it's wine, isn't it? I ask her about it, but she says it's just fruit drink while making a suspicious grin. Really... I'm going to stick to water. I wonder what's plain water in French?

Half an hour later, we're walking side by side in the upper gardens. It seems like the designers really went all out when they designed the 48 storey building. They made an inner garden on the 15th floor accessible only from the 14th floor staircase and elevator. Although I've been here many times since childhood, today is the first time I found out about this place. Either it's a secret area, or most people have never been here.

Looking at the location and the fact that there's only very few people around, I guess both are probably true. You see, most people won't even go beyond the 10th floor, where the indoor roller-coaster themepark can be found. On the 11th floor, there are only expensive-looking foreign restaurants catering to the rich clientele. From 12th to 14th floor, there is only office space. 16th floor and above are residential areas, where the really rich people stays at. It's said that the higher you go, the richer you have to be. It's something a pleb like me can only imagine.

"Thanks for the meal," I say to Shahira to break the silence while we walk.

"No problem," she says without much emotion.

Ah, this sounds like the tone she used when she was ignoring me! Is she pissed that she had to pay for everything?

"No-no, how much was it? I'll pay you back."

"I said it's no problem. Don't worry, I can afford it."

She probably doesn't even know how much it was, since she used her father's credit card. But it's not good, you know, wasting your parent's money on someone else. Mom always said that I shouldn't owe anyone anything.

"At least let me pay for my half, I'll feel bad if you have to-"

"I said it's okay, didn't I?" she turns towards me so abruptly that I take a step back, causing my back to lean against the pillar that was next to me. She then traps my head by resting her arms against the pillar on both sides of my head.

With our faces merely two or three centimeters away from each other, I can't help but start to breathe heavily. I wonder if my breath stinks. It will be bad if my breath stinks, right? I shouldn't have eaten that steak. My breath must stink now. If only I have mouth freshener or something to get rid of the smell.

Of course I'm panicking! Isn't this one of those infamous kissing scenes? First impression is important, isn't it? Will she be disgusted if my breath stinks? If I hold my breath, will it be okay?

Suddenly she pushes herself away and takes a distance from me. With a distance of one meter away which grows by the second, she says, "I don't like this."

I knew it!


"Wait! Let me go buy some mints."

"Mints? I have some here." She produces a bottle of breath freshening mints from her pants pocket.

I snatch it from her hand. Then I empty what remains inside the bottle into my mouth and starts chewing desperately. Shahira simply looks at me with a dumbfounded expression.

"Do you like it that much?"

What are you saying? Who would like mints in the first place? I'm just chewing this to get rid of my stinky breath. Don't misunderstand, it's not like I want to kiss you or anything, but it hurts my pride if a girl thinks my breath stinks.

"I guess, I should apologize for the treatment I gave you for the past week."

Eh? Why are you suddenly changing the topic? Are we no longer going to kiss? Not that I'm saying I'm aiming for a kiss.

"I'd like to know why you've been avoiding me, Shira."


"Won't you tell me?"

"Rin, what is your opinion on secrets between friends?"

"What's... with the question?"

Hearing the word 'secret' suddenly reminds me how I'm carrying a very big secret right now.

"What do you think, Rin, about secrets between friends?"

For some reason, I start sweating. "Umm, I think everyone has things they don't want people to know about. Even best friends have secrets that they can't share."

"I can understand that, if it's small secrets that doesn't bring harm to the relationship. But I think, big secrets should be shared, don't you agree?"

Sweating. Shivering. Fidgeting.

Does she know my secret? Was this why she ignored me these past couple of weeks?

"Secrets... even big secrets..."



She grabs my hands tightly and brings it level to our chests. "If you're close to someone, don't you want to share things with your close ones? Your worries, your sadness, your anger, your feelings, your secrets, won't you want to share it with someone who understands you and accepts you?"

"But... what if after sharing the secret, the other person won't want to be your friend anymore?"

"Then that person isn't your best friend in the first place!"

"Umm, uhhhh..."

"Rin, there's a very big secret between us right now and it's killing me. I don't want this big secret to break us apart, but because of this secret, I was so cruel to you."

I knew it! She knows! She knows I'm a boy! If this gets out, I'll probably even go to juvenile center! What must I do?

"N-no... you only ignored me."

Let's try sidestepping the issue. I'm probably just being paranoid.

"That's why... this secret... a confession is necessary!"

Noooo! She definitely knows!

"This... explain..."

"No, trying to explain this will sound like an excuse."

Are you not going to even let me explain my position?

"Only an apology will work," she says.




She says, "I'm sorry for kissing you when you fainted!" at the same time when I say, "I'm sorry I'm actually a boy!".

"Wait, what?" we say at the same time,

"You kissed me when I fainted?"

"You're a boy?"




"Umm, what are you thinking, Shira?"

"Haa... that was sudden."

"Are you disgusted with me, Shira?"

"All this time I thought I was a lesbian. But it was a crossdressing boy."

"Are you going to tell the school, Shira?"

"I should do that, shouldn't I? As a good student, it's my responsibility, right?"

"Uuu, please Shira..."

"Just kidding. I've never been a good student," she holds out her hand and with a grin on her face, she says, "Don't cry, Rin. Why would I want to get the girl I'm in love with kicked out of school?"

I catch her hand, feeling elated that it's over now. Shahira, one of my first friends here and the one I'm most attached to, despite her perverted acts. I no longer feel any burden in my heart. No more secrets. I don't have to lie to her anymore. Everything is good. This is what I feel as she pulls me into a fancy looking elevator.

She places a key card into a slot and presses number 43. The elevator moves up as she grabs my other hand. We look at each other in the eye until I realize that we're going into the residential area of the building.

"Err, Shira... where are we going?"

"My home, of course!"

"Umm, why?"

"I'm gonna eat you, hehehe."

This look of a predator in her eyes. Oh dear, I have forgotten that she's dangerous! How could I have forgotten this danger?

"Nooo, don't eat me. I'm not edible!"

"Oh nevermind, I can't take it anymore. I'm gonna eat your lips here. Heheheh."

Hey, your tongue is coming out. Stop licking your lips like you're looking at a piece of meat. No, stop! Don't come closer. Somebody please...



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  2. That nice story, i think . But i like more Felicia's Second , keep that update please

    1. Okay, I'll have the next chapter up sometime this month. Still working on volume 1's publication. Shouldn't take too long

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