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Monday, 15 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day 2016, Everyone!

First of all, Happy Lover's Day, everyone!

Did you get much chocolate this year? Or are you the one who give chocolates out? Well anyway, I did make chocolate, but... eh... it became too runny. Guess I put in too much milk. Still it tasted good. For those who don't have a date for valentine, don't worry, I have not forsaken you, yuri lovers!

Originally drew it for Wing-chan, but nothing's wrong with sharing it with you guys. I got a new drawing tablet and felt like showing off to Wing-chan :P I will also be releasing a Valentine's Special short in short order. It's not part of the FSL universer though, sorry.

Please keep supporting me in the future.


  1. You're going to give it to Wing-chama!? Isn't Wing-chama a female?! Wouldn't she be mad !!?

    1. No, Wing-chan loved it. She even gave me a cookie!


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