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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Ai-chan's Back!

Good evening, everyone! It's me, your beloved Yuri Queen Ai-chan desu!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Been so very busy, I can't even sit down and eat rice like I used to. So it's definitely not because of writer's block, okay?

Well, I guess the problem with FSL Prologue 2 could be considered a writer's block, since I couldn't get into Lili's state of mind. It's been so long since I've been a love-obsessed young girl. So sorry if it feels shallow. I'll try to fix it if I get some additional details to add.

Chapter 10 is being written as we speak and it's taking slightly longer because I find that I can't conclude it yet. Also, because I'm way too busy \(TT.TT)/ Due to CNY and V-day, it seems like a lot more people want their documents translated and they want it quickly. So unreasonable!

On a related news, FSL Book 1 is now Top 100 in two categories in Amazon US. Hooray! At the time of this post, FSL is at # 95 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Teen & Young Adult > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery. and # 99 in Books > Teens > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery. I know it's not that much of an achievement, but as a debut author, I can't hope to be at Top 50. But who knows? Maybe one day.

Thank you to everyone who supported FSL so far! Because you guys bought it and gave your reviews, people start to notice my book and some of them like it. Yay! This means the dream of FSL Extra (hardcopy) is coming closer to reality. For FSL, I will be self-publishing all the way, so there will only be very limited number of printed FSL Extra due to budget constraints (probably around 50-100 copies only).

Now, I have to work harder to release the next book quickly so I can capitalize on the hype.

But, not so soon! Currently I'm swamped with work due to CNY and V-day. I'll try to get some kind of stuff released for V-day, but it likely won't be FSL. I hope I can finish it on time. Happy Belated Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates it. Now let's wait for Chap Goh Mei.

Another thing, due to popular demands, I have kicked away all those annoying pop-up ads since a month ago. You guys probably noticed that if you allow ads. They made the most money, sure, but they were annoying as hell, even for me. BTW, I didn't get any money because I terminated the deal before the threshold was reached, but the peace and tranquility was worth it. Currently, the only ads on the site are by projectwonderful and adsense. Neither of which use pop ups. You don't have to klik it.

So guys, please allow popups on this blog if you like the stories and want to support me in continuing to write more of Felicia and other stories.

One of my readers suggested that I use paypal donation and patreon, but I don't really like these donation stuff. Thanks to the person who suggested it, but I believe that people reading my stories and not turning off ads is payment enough, though those who bought my book are even more awesome :P Maybe if I continue the Japanese WN translations, I will ask for donation, but I won't ask for donation for people reading my stories.

tl;dr Sorry for the lack of updates. Thanks to everyone who supports me. Felicia US is Top 100. Please allow ads on Hugs & Love.

Until next time. Hope to see you guys again!



  1. With this, I declare this first place shalt be mine to claim.

    1. Congratulations! Now to see if you got gold on this claim :P

    2. At least I get a few good laughs and your comment, it's equal to the efforts I made.

  2. Congratulations on what has happened so far.


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