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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

FSL is climbing!

FSL Is Climbing In Ranks.

Oya! Felicia's Second Life is doing pretty well on Amazon US. Woohoo! 

Have a look! This are the results from two subcategories under Fiction and Literature. And it's only been a month! If this keeps up, I think I'll be able to fully pay off my debts within a year.

Thanks a lot to all of my readers. That means you, in case you can't tell. Your continued support spurs me on greatly. I hope you will all continue to support me in the future. I swear, the next FSL chapter will come out soon. If it's not out yet, you have permission to spam my mail. Please don't send chainmail though, really hate those.

Again, thanks a lot, everyone! 



  1. awesome!, now give us more updates,

    from an ordinary leecher!! xD

    I beg on behalf all the people who check everyday for that ever elusive next chapter, Please *ULTIMATE SLIDING DOGEZA*

    1. ..... hmmm your comment actually brings up a question.... in the covers it all shows Feli holding a rapier... what happened to the gun? All i know is that a sword is too heavy for lil Feli...

  3. As expected. Congratulations.

  4. lol You guys. You just made me laugh. Thanks a lot!

    The next chapter is 80% done, so technically speaking, if I'm not doing anything, I can release it next week. Unfortunately, I'm currently chasing deadlines (one of it is 10th march :sad:). Don't worry, I'm still slowly writing it. But February and March are quite busy months for me :(

    To everyone who said those nice words, thanks a lot. I assure you the next book will be better.

    Oh btw, an update. I've got a new drawing tablet and it's a whole lot better than a mouse! A whole lot better than the cheap drawing tablet I bought on a whim last time too.

  5. I tought i put it here but felicia is also on kobo yust bought it.

    Here is the kobo link's%20Second%20Life%20Volume%201%20(Shiina%20Ai)&ac=1&acp=felicia's%20second%20li

    1. Thanks for informing me. If you hadn't shared this, I wouldn't have known that FSL is on Kobo. I've been checking every week and it didn't seem to return any results. After you shared this, I did a search on Kobo, but still couldn't find FSL. So I used google and finally got it, but it said that it's not available in my country.

      Well, anyway, I did further searches and posted the links to the estores in FSL main page. Thanks a lot Wesley.

    2. No problem i did the same as you(author) i was sick and looked on the internet and found it i readed the entire story again in 3 days.


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