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Friday, 4 December 2015

The Rock 1: I Really Want Some Popcorn

I'm starting to get really angry with Truck-chan now. 

Fuh. Fuh. Fuh. Relax, me. Let’s calm down a little. Fuh. Fuh.

Now let’s look at the status page again.

Rock Level 1
Mana: 20
Evolve Point: 0
Control birds 3 – Castable upon contact. Mana 3, -1 mpm (mana per minute)
Level Up prerequisites not fulfilled.

Alright, my name is Rock. Not the most original name, but I can get used to it.

Level 1? Well, that sucks. What are the prerequisites for level up?

My mana seems really low. What’s this Evolve Point? How do I raise it? Damn it! Whoever made this world should’ve also created a god damned wiki!

Calm down. Calm down. Fuh. Fuh. Fuh.

Alright, let’s organize all the information I have.

One, I can’t move. That means I can’t walk either. Well, guess that’s expected, since I don’t have legs. You need legs to walk, you see. Unless you're a snake, then you won't need a leg. Unfortunately, I'm not even a snake.

Two, mana maximum does not increase no matter how many times a spell is used. So I’m stuck with 20 mana maximum.

Three, spells will level up through use. I started with Level 0 in Control Birds. The first time I used the spell, it was raised to Level 1. After using it for a month, it reached Level 3.

Four, mana recovers slowly every minute. At Level 1, I recover 2 mana every minute. Doesn’t sound like a lot.

Five, there is no Life Points. Does this mean I’m a one hit kill? That would suck. Oh wait, maybe it won’t suck that badly. If I die, I’ll go strip that Truck-chan naked.

Six, there is no limit to the number of birds I can control, as long as I have the mana for it. Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be a limit to the distance of my control over the birds I’ve already placed under control.

Seven, I can see through the eyes of the birds that I control. So using them, I have made a rough map of the area in my mind.

To the far northwest of this barren land is a large desert. I had to recall the crow I controlled as the heat was too unbearable for it. To the north is a large area of flat grasslands. From the sky, I could see many wild horses as well as some tribal villages. A short distance to the east is a large area of irrigated farmlands. Beyond that is the sea.

As for the south, I only know that there is a large area of thick forest beyond the sparse farmland that is worked on by a number of small families. I know nothing more than that. I wanted to explore the forest as well, but with my poor control over birds, I was worried that the bird I controlled would crash into a tree or get eaten by wild animals.

Well, it’s not like I have anything better to do.

So I cast the spell “Control Birds” on the single crow resting on my head. This time, instead of controlling it manually, I change the method to automatic, giving it only directions instead of controlling its movements directly. Once I’m sure the control work, I send it to the direction of the forest, with orders to map the inside of the forest.

Before it even reaches the forest though, I see through its eyes the huts belonging to the farming community in the south burning fiercely. I change the main order given to the crow and tells it to hover in the air above the burning huts. Finding a suitable tree, I instruct the crow to perch itself on a branch where I can see the whole scene.

Now let’s just sit back and watch. Damn, I miss popcorn. I’d kill for a soda too.

Why won’t I help?

Excuse me. I’m a rock, remember? Have you ever heard of a rock helping anyone? No? Then be quiet and let me have the first bit of entertainment since I came here. It's not often that I get to watch a good movie here.

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  1. "Control birds 2" Is this in the status window suppose to be the level? You describe it as being at level 3 later on.

    A desert being too hot for a bird doesn't seem like it would be a serious issue. Especially if the bird is considered expendable. The higher you go the colder it becomes. I would probably get tired eventually though.

    Seems like he should permanently have one bird under his control since his mana regeneration is greater than the spell upkeep. Two birds would be even so he could do that too.

    1. Oops, sorry. It was supposed to be Control Birds 3. I'll fix it right away. Thanks for pointing it out. Please look forward to future chapters.


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