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Traps Are Delicious

Hi, I'm Rin. When the school I went to went bankrupt, I had to find another school to go to. The only choice left was a school that is so full and crowded, there's hardly any room to breathe. So with only one week left to change schools, I had to do something drastic. I picked the only other choice left, which is an all-girl's school. By the way, I'm a boy.


'Trap' definition in Urban Dictionary:
"A pre-op transwoman who is both passable and hot. The kind that, when you find she's packing heat, you just don't care. "

Genre: Gender bender, trap, yuri, visual novel type, comedy


Ai-chan's Note: This was planned as 'choose your own route' kind of story, similar to a visual novel. Basically, you choose how Rin's life is going to be and who s/he will end up with. Don't worry, traps are delicious. This is a pre-FSL story that I dug up and posted here to tide the yuri and trap lovers over while I prepare FSL for publication.



Base Story

Traps Are Delicious


But They're Not Edible

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