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Saturday, 23 January 2016

That horse's name

Hi everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates. Been doing many things at the moment.

I'm currently writing the next chapter of FSL. It won't be as exciting as the last fleet battle in volume 1, but please bear with me. Can't have the climax so early in the book after all.

So for those who read the last chapter, you'll likely remember the white horse. So let's have a little harmless fun.

If you're Felicia, what would you name the white horse?

Please answer in the comments below. Any name is fine, no matter how crazy it is. I have thought of a name myself, but I'd like to see if any of my readers have something better.


  1. I foresee Felicia being lazy with the name and then other people telling her to be more serious and then her mom to come in and name it with something ridiculous and then the horse not to respond to anything but that name to Felicia's annoyance.

  2. How about Bianka (or Bianca)? It means white.

  3. frost, snow, moonlight,snowdrop, dragon, tiger , Blaze

  4. You guys....
    You're too conventional, she's been talking about eating the horse for so long she's going to name it "Horsemeat", "Roasted Legs" or to keep it simple, "Food". That'll put that uppity nag in place.

    "Meal on Legs"? Mel for short. After all, when you get hungry in war, you're supposed to eat the horses, it's a tradition.

  5. Name the horse the same as the one who gave the horse to her. Revenge biatch!

  6. Prince (the white horse) ?
    Dog, Sausage, Mother... there are many good names...

  7. Shiroyuki, Cream Mousse, Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk Pudding, Butter Bread, Mayonnaise, Cream Puff, Super Obstinate Four-Legged Irritating Egghead (S.O.F.L.I.E.)

  8. Sekka,Edelweiss

  9. With the various knowledge of Felicia maybe she knows about the story of "Ferdinand" a thoroughbred who won prestigious prizes and was later sent to Japan as a stud but ended as dog/cat food to the great horror of the fans of horse racing ;o).

    It would be a fitting name for a high quality horse that might end up in a (s)platter.

  10. Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! I originally wanted to name it Cotton Candy, but trying to explain what a cotton candy is to a bunch of people in medieval setting will be pretty hard. It will not be one of the things Malcolm would've known himself and trying to reproduce it will be a daunting experience.

    So based on your suggestions, I've chosen a more appropriate name. If you guys have any more ideas, please state them here. As long as the chapter has not been posted, I can change the name on a whim.

    Thanks again everyone!

  11. If she names a ship the abundance of lollipops... she would probably name a horse something that would make her giggle if she ever loaded it on the that ship.... like whiped cream in loaded onto the abundance of lollipops.... well... you get what I mean.... Me and names has a long history of not working well together -.-

  12. I'll go with Popsicle, Vanilla, Yogurt, Coconut, IcePop,Wafer, Almond, Mentos

  13. I don't want to disturb you, but cotton candy is made by melding crystal sugar on a rotatign disk. You can make it at home...
    As for the name... Cute, funny, express the hate towards it's previous owner... I'm terrible at giving names.
    White Sausage is the best I could think of. Sorry.

  14. ooo.... bust a brain... she does seem to be really wanting to just blow that horses brain out

  15. Schrödinger, Midnight or Blakie :-)


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