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Sunday, 17 January 2016

My first 1-star review


I'm depressed. I just got my first ever 1-star review. That guy didn't even bother buying my book. Made an unverified review based on my preview. Tell me guys, does my story suck that bad?

Wait, maybe you can tell me that I suck in a good way so that I'm not further depressed. If you think otherwise, just please, please give me a verified review that is not entirely negative.

My first review and it's a 1-star by a person who didn't even read the book.

I just want to lie down and die now. Sobs.

Yeah, I know I'm a drama queen. It's my first book, you know. It can end up being the deciding factor whether I continue the story or not.



  1. No it does not suck why would people bother to buy the book if it sucks. My opion i have not read the extra yet since not bought it yet yust lurking for a mail. I readed the web novel i gues count as something more then freaking preview

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I'm so sad :(

  2. Also i want to know what happens with trap-kun:/.

    1. By trap-kun, you mean Rin? If you mean Sul, she's not a trap :P

    2. In dead rin i yust could not rember his name.

    3. If I remain depressed over FSL, maybe I'll shift to that story instead. Please take note however, the next chapter isn't a continuation to "But they're not edible". The next chapter is "But they're not for cooking" which is the alternate continuation of "Traps are delicious", but with sweet Zara being the attacker.

    4. I noticed it when it stated one of the routes in the chapter. It yust fun side thing to read while i wait for FSL i am am looking forward to the girl named mercenarcy and what will happen in Mruna

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The thing about having things on display to the public, is that you will always have to deal with haters and worthless criticism. There's always going to be someone with free time to hate. And there is nothing in the world that 'EVERYONE' likes.

    By the time I learned to accept that, I had already quit art in general and lost any passion I had for it. Well, having my childhood friend laugh at my drawing because it used a new style was pretty heartbreaking as a hormonally unstable teen. Even though I've won watercolor and sculpting contests. <.<

    TLDR; The road to happiness is filled with self satisfaction while ignoring the opinions of others.

  5. Though it might not be bad to consider decently opinionated criticism when it's warranted.

    Real criticism examples:
    'The Gamer', a manwha I'm reading. I like the concept, don't like that all the MC does aside from training is save princesses. To date 115 chapters, and saved 3 princesses 2 times each time taking between 5 to 20 chapters each time. Not literal princesses but that trope. Author needs to mix it up.

    'Warlock of the Magus World' Why is everyone yelling all the time? Every dialogue that's not a question ends in exclamation points!

    Though I'd toss out any "this sucks" with no explanations. because it's not like they told you what they thought was wrong with it, right?

    Some people are just gunna 1 star because of the cover being anime style, or it's 'another reincarnation story'. Can't help those types. Just like believers hating on Darwin.

  6. Honestly you probably should have expected it when you wrote a gender bender story. For some reason that genre just attracts people to hate on it. Why they can't just you know avoid the series entirely and just read something else I don't know.

    I haven't actually gotten around to buying your LN version yet, probably at the end of the month. I'm curious about how you improved the story though there were certain elements in the web version that bothered me but well I already commented on those elsewhere.

    Based on the web version though, I'd give the story a 3 maybe 3.5 out of 5. It does what it set out to do but it's fairly average over all and doesn't do too much to set it out from the pack of person reincarnating into a new life / new world and using past life knowledge to get ahead cliche. It had room for improvements and room for future plot so I'm still quite looking forward to where you take the story.

  7. "Just... do it!" - Shia le Bauf -->

  8. i think your story is far from bad its good but its only 1 volume only legendary novel will be best seller from volume one i think when it has 2 or more volume it will be better

    a lot of reader afraid that you will discontinue the series as it will be heartbroken for them if they buy your novel only to be discontinue

    if you show consistency i think more and more people will see your work and buy it

  9. I saw that review when I bought your book, it made me laugh a bit, if he only read about 40% of the preview he may have only got past the preface if that.

    Personally I wish you would have started with the the 3rd paragraph of the preface as it and the rest have a better flow then the 2 paragraphs that proceeded it. Great job, love the book, keep up the awesome work!

  10. *epic voice* Brothers we must band together and burn this heretic for the glory of FSL*end epic voice* as Liam-nii-san said "I will find you, and I will kill you"

    Ok I feel better... please don't drop FSL because of one loser on the internet. Thanks Pyro :P

  11. I won't say FSL is high literature, it's more of a "guilty pleasure" read, light and fluffy, no technojargon and development, just a casual romp through a fictitious world causing mayhem and lols.


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