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Saturday, 21 November 2015

I really want OSO manga

I really want to read Only Sense Online manga. But I can't buy through Amazon Japan because I don't have a credit card. I can order it through the local bookstore, but they said it will cost me $30 just to transport it from Japan plus the price of the book. So expensive!

Anyone got an OSO manga in Japanese and willing to scan it? I promise I will translate it for you if Alys confirms she will not continue scanlating it. I have the chinese raw, unfortunately I can't read chinese! So sad T_T


  1. too bad we only get the ossan one

    1. Ya, if only I can buy an OSO manga. I'm willing to make it my translation priority if I can get the manga.

  2. Why not translate Angel in Online? It looks good, according to [url=]MadoSpicy[/url]...

    1. Isn't that a light novel? To tell the truth, I'd rather not take on any more light novels. I don't even have the time to work on the two titles I've chosen. I wanted to translate OSO manga because some peasants talk smack about OSO in To Aru Ossan's thread. I just wanted to show them that Yun beats Ossan anytime. Muhahaha

  3. There is japanese raw manga
    Although i translate half way


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