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Friday, 7 August 2015

The Hero's & Demon's Double Rampage

A Story of A World Infested By Demons As Told By A Powerless Villager


It is just a normal day on the Elterion continent.
Just another day of farming, travelling, mining, sewing, playing and surviving demon attacks.


You can't understand why surviving demon attacks is part of a normal day?

Ah, you must not be from around here.

Alright, guess I should tell you a little background story.

Please ignore the running, screaming villagers apparently trying to escape with their lives.

I'm trying to tell you a story here, focus on me.


Well, the story started about 30 years ago.

Back then, the Elterion continent was at peace, there were plenty of food, jobs and lots of fun to be had.
Okay, I was exaggerating. Being a peasant wasn't much fun in the first place.

It was quite peaceful too. The only conflicts we had were when our kings decided to go to war with each other, but that's what they do. I bet sitting on their thrones all day must've been too much on their haemorroids, so they decided to go to war instead.

Yeah, I'm not making much sense.

Anyway, it was during one of these wars, called the Gururuman-Teldris War that the first of these demon gates popped up in the middle of a deserted wasteland in Teldris kingdom.

Of course, nobody actually knew what that gigantic slab of black marble was, so nobody took notice.

Until one side of the slab of black marble melted and the first of the demonkin came out of the fiery portal beneath its surface.

Still, nobody minded it that much.

They were just imps, you can beat them up with a shovel and they'll turn into ash and dust.

So Teldris didn't do anything about it and took our young men as soldiers to fight the Gururuman Empire.

The people living near the wasteland where the demon gate popped up still had to fight imps, and their numbers were increasing each day.

It was treated as a sport, like a sport's day or a festival day.

You know, like "kill 100 imps to marry my daughter" or "you're not truly a lumberjack unless you can hack an imp into two with one strike" or "beat up this imp with bare fist if you're a man" or "training archery with imps as targets".

Yeah, we were pretty dumb.

Without realizing it, another breed of demons that they called 'praetor' appeared from the portal.

These praetors looked very much like humans, but it was said that they weren't actually humans, merely humans that were kidnapped to the demon world and possessed by elder demons.

To make a long story short, these praetors spread across the continent and built or summoned or crafted more of these demon portals and before long, we had to deal with demon hounds instead of the wimpy imps.

It wasn't long before the first of the gargantuans appeared and let's just say we were doomed.

Now back to watching the villagers running pathetically to escape with their lives.

Oh, here it comes! A gargantuan! Didn't think I'd see it today.

Unlike the demon hounds and the fire lords, gargantuans are gigantic. Standing at over 100 feet tall, even their fists are as big as a commoner's shack. If you got hit by one, you're pretty much a goner.

Oh no, he's chasing that cute farmer girl. Run, run. Do your best, little one!

Oh? And who's this?

A boy of around 15 years old is standing in their path. Does he want to die?

Let's watch a little closer.

The boy has an unkempt black hair. With a dusty face, torn traveling cloak and a large broadsword on his back, he looks like a traveling swordsman. Well, you see these types of people everywhere recently. Most of them don't live longer than a few weeks.

Killing demons carries a very fatal job hazard. It's not like there is something like a life insurance or pension if you happen to die or maimed here.

"Ilyse, let's do a full fusion."

Oh, it seems the boy has gone crazy. He's talking to himself.

"What do you mean I don't need you? This is a gargantuan class, isn't it? Simply fusing my arms won't be enough."

What is this fusion thing this crazy boy's spouting?

Oh, little girl, congratulations on reaching the finish line. Now leave everything to the crazy boy.

"No time for explanation."

The boy says as he stabs the sword on his back into the ground. With both hands around the sword's hilt, he chants,

"I, Seron, here share my body with Ilyse, demon princess of the Ice Lakes. Full Fusion!"

Within just a few seconds, the broadsword vaporizes in the boy's hands. His hands is covered in ice, before it spreads up to his arms, his shoulders and covers his entire body.

The gargantuan swings his fist downward, intent on crushing the little iceblock on the ground in front of him.

But before his fist can reach the ice block, a pale hand breaks free from the ice and catches the gargantuan's fist with its own tiny hands.

As the impact from the gargantuan's fist reaches down through the boy's small arm, the ice block cracks and explodes outward.

What appears from the ice block is not the boy.

It's a demon.

It's a demon with big boobs.

With curved horns on her head that looks like a ram's horns, a long tail that ends in what looks like a flipper, legs as long as a tower, beautiful face that looks both cruel and flirty and big boobs that's a little more than a handful, she's unlike any demon you can find anywhere.

Would you marry me?

What? You would've said the same thing too!

Have I mentioned that she has big boobs?

"Great Icicle Blast."

The demon girl says with a lilting voice before a frost wave rushes out from her palms, violently hitting the gargantuan demon.

Amazing, in just one strike, a demon that requires at least 100 knights to kill is reduced to red dust.

"What the hell? It's just an earth lord?"

The demon girl says as a brown gem forms on her right palm. On her left, a ring falls as if out of thin air. She casts a spell and a black ball forms in the air, then she puts both items into the black ball before it disappears.

Another frost wave blows with the demon girl at the center.

But what comes out of the frost wave isn't the demon girl. It's that unkempt boy, where's the big boobed demon girl?!!!

"Yea yea, don't nag at me. How was I supposed to know it was just an earth lord wearing Giantification Ring? What a total waste of time!"

Talking to himself again, the boy walks off without caring about the demons still rampaging in the village.

Waiiiittt!!! Damned you, bring back that big boobed demon girl!!!


  1. This is so good it shouldn't be a oneshot! I will do nothing if you don't continue this!

  2. Wah!!! People actually visit my blog!


    I'm currently busy preparing Felicia's Second Life for amazon publishing, so I can't work on HDDR. But if there's enough interest, I'll write more of HDDR as soon as I'm done with FSL in a month or two.

    Thanks for your support!

  3. LOL I can't stop laughing, my sides are hurting me.


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