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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Felicia's Second Life Prologue

How I Became Felicia Belphere Metrune

I am Malcolm Stokes, Cornwall born, Cornwall bred but London dead. I am a 29 years old systems analyst, with no wife, no children and presently, no girlfriend.

Not that I actually need one. I'm fine with being alone. I did have a few girlfriends, but they all paled in comparison to 2D girls. Just why can't real women be as perfect as anime and manga girls?

Ah yes, even though I look like a respectable man, I'm actually an anime otaku.

Just look at Suzumiya for example. She's crazy but her craziness is adorable. I had spent many days just rewatching the anime. Perhaps because of that, I found myself a crazy girlfriend.

It was all good.

At first, at least. Then her craziness went up a notch. As the weeks passed by, she went past crazy and into the realm of insane. It was when I realized that she was psychotic, and not the adorable yandere type that I made a decision to dump her.

Big mistake.

The next day I was hit by a truck in front of my home in north London. It was a hit and run. She didn't even bother to get out of her truck and laugh at my misfortune. How I found out that it was her truck? It was the colour. I'd recognize that anywhere.

Damn you, Susan! At least call an ambulance for me.

An empty space.

Neither light nor dark.

Neither white nor black.

It was simply an empty space.

All I could see, was myself.

From the distance, I could see a truck speeding straight at me. In my mind, I have already imagined that I would suffer another hit and run. What a stupid way of dying twice in a row.

"Hello!" a voice greeted as the truck stopped incredibly close to my face. It was probably less than 3 centimetres distance between my knees and the front bumper of the truck.

"Err... hello."

"It seems like you're dead."

"That was my first thought too."

"Allow me to assure you that you're not dreaming."

"That thought came second."

"Well, you've lived a boring life."

"... I don't want to be told that by an old truck."

"Old truck? I'll have you know I'm only 3,594 years old!"

"Shouldn't you have rusted over by now?"

Do they even have trucks 3000 years ago?

"How rude!" With a poof, the truck turned into a young girl.


"How do you like me now, huh? This tight thighs, this tiny waist, this figure sculpted to perfection, if you had known the value of trucks, this is how you would perceive my appearance!"

"... I have neither a fetish for trucks nor for little girls."

"I'm not a little girl, I'm 3,594 years old!"

"Isn't that what you'd call a loli grandma?"

"I'm not a grandma! Aren't you over 46,000 years old yourself? You're way older than me!"

"You must have mixed me up with someone else. If I have lived for such a pointlessly long time, I'd end up killing myself out of boredom."

"Such a boring guy! Not only is your life story boring, your attitude is boring too!"

"I don't want to be told that by a flat-chested loli grandma."

"Haa? As an otaku, have you never heard the phrase 'Flat Is Justice'? This is justice!" She pushed out her ironing board chest.

"Sorry, I'm in the big breasts faction. You know, plot."

"What? Those floppy things, hanging around everytime they move. What's so good about those balloon-like things?"

"The plot of land, of course. Big breasts are a man's hopes and dreams."

"Eeyaaa! Don't say something so lewd to a young lady!"

"Your loud voice is too annoying. Aren't you too old to be a 'young lady', despite your flat chest? I pity those chests to be flat for 3000-something years. Besides that, aren't you an old truck?"

"Eeyaaa! How dare you make fun of a lady's age! For this insult, I'm going to have you reborn as a flat-chested girl! Suffer! Hahahaha!"

Ah... I may have said something unnecessary.

The next thing I saw was a baby.

Eh? A baby? Where did that loli grandma went off to?

Such a cute baby. Is it a girl or a boy? Oh it's looking at me with those bright green eyes. Oh, it's trying to touch me. How cute!

I tried to reach the baby's hand, but why did it feel strange? I tried moving my hand, but it felt so cumbersome. So awkward. And what's with these small, short and... wait... am I a baby too?

Hold on, didn't I die?

Eh wait, please stop the spinning, I'm feeling dizzy.

"Come here, Felicia. Crawl to mommy," a beautiful woman knelt on the floor that was covered in some kind of fur. She spoke with such a kind and gentle voice that made me crawl towards her as if hypnotized.

"Good girl! You're such a good girl, Felicia." The woman picked me up once I reached her. She rubbed her face against mine while hugging me tightly to her deliciously large bosom.

It feels quite good, I've never been so close to such large breasts before. Or is it because I’m a baby?

Wait, did she call me Felicia? Isn't that kind of girly for a man's name?

"Ah, Terrens. You're home. Good timing, please hold Felicia for me, I need to run outside. Suin is late. I need to find out what happened."

The woman who called herself my mother shoved me into the arms of a boy who appeared to be around 9 to 10 years old. He had light brown hair and electric blue eyes. He was wearing some kind of overcoat and a very thick pair of glasses. He looked very flustered as he caught me from the hands of my 'mommy'.

"Mother, I can't. I-I have to study," the boy said. His arms felt so cold despite the layers of cloth between our skins.

"Oh, it's fine to take a rest sometimes, Terrens," the woman said as she ruffled his hair, "Take care of your little sisters, okay? I'm only going to be gone for a couple of hours. Lilicia is sleeping in the crib and if any of them cries for milk, there are some on the table. Don't forget to burp them."

The woman grabbed something that looked like a travelling cloak, wrapped it around her body and went out into the blizzard.

Ah, no wonder the boy Terrens's skin feel so cold. It must be winter.

Terrens raised me up with his young arms until our eyes were at the same level. He looked into my eyes as I looked into his, as if we were trying to reach deep into each other's souls. But in my case, I was only looking at his eyes. It was so clear, like glass, and its colour reminded me of expensive sapphires. It was so beautiful.

Since we’re supposed to be siblings, do I have the same eyes too?

"A pity..."


"For you to die at such a young age. Your fate is cruel."

Well, I did die, but I wasn't at all young. Sure, I wasn't exactly old, but in the middle ages men at my age would've already had grandchildren, I'll have you know.

"Why would you come to this world, Felicia? Why would you reincarnate into this fate? Is it because you had no choice?"

Well, don't ask me such questions. How would I know?

"Or is it because only you can do this?"

What is it that I'm supposed to do, actually? What fate?

"You are my sister. Regardless of who you were before, just remember, you and Lilicia are both my sisters. I will not let your fate cut your lives short. I will find a way. Before it ends, I will find a way."

Wait, life cut short? Are you saying I'm going to die young this time?

"Even if I have to make a contract with the deep spirits. Even if I will be cursed for my whole life. I will not let your fate win. You shall find happiness in this life, that is my vow as your older brother, Felicia. Lilicia too. You will both find happiness. I will find a way."

The world spins again. The feeling of Terrens's cold hands disappeared from under me. For many seconds, or perhaps centuries, my body floated inside a tunnel of time. Everytime the clock turned, my body aged, little by little.

Within the tunnel of time, I saw from my own eyes, a boy with similar looks to Terrens, but younger than him playing a prank on me with a spider and a dead snake.

I saw a girl, who looked the same age of me, who took me by the hand and called me Felicia. Then she was scolded by a woman I didn’t know, and she addressed me as ‘my lady’ instead. I knew by instinct, that this was Lilicia.

Father introduced me to four boys and girls and told me that they would become my friends.

Father working the family farm alongside Terrens, my other brother and some villagers. Despite being the baron, he still worked at the farm like a commoner.

My first allowance. One silver for me to keep and Lilicia throwing a tantrum for not getting the silver coin as well. A maid admonished her for being rude and they both apologized to my father.

When nobody was around. I slipped the silver into Lilicia's hand and she was so happy that she hugged me. But then she returned the coin to me, while saying something that I couldn't hear well.

Terrens at 13, leaving home for the first time. For some reason, I could feel that it would be many years before we’d meet again.

I opened my eyes slowly. The first thing I noticed was the worn ceiling. I realized I was lying on a bed. A noise of wood slapping against wood caused me to turn my head to the right. The window was slapping against its frame under heavy winds. Could it be there was a typhoon outside?

I tried to get up, but my body was weak and unresponsive. As memories of my journey through the tunnel of time started to wane and disappear, I could only offer a curse for my new life, "God damned, I'm a girl!"

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  1. i can't help but think about the illustration above. it's good. did you make it ?

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting. Actually no. This is the placeholder illustration I got from somewhere. It seems like the website is down forever, so this is probably the only place you can see it now. I already have an illustration ready for the book's cover when it's ready to be published. The quality isn't as good, but it's good enough for my eyes.

      I would love to use the above picture, but I imagine it's copyrighted and since the website is down, I don't know how to ask for permission or even to buy the rights to it.

  2. A little confusing this part:
    How I found out that it was her truck?

    Did you mean
    How did I found out that it was her truck?
    How do I know it was her truck?

  3. Is Terren also a reincarnator? How about Lilicia?

    1. They both reincarnated. The people in this world believes that everyone reincarnates, whether you're good or bad. The only difference is they don't remember their past lives, Felicia does. Terrens has a special ability, but he doesn't remember his past lives.

      Thanks for reading.

  4. Author-san I want to ask, coz I'm a super noob here, if I buy your book will I get a hard or soft copy? Tnx

    1. Hi Vlak. Thanks for wanting to buy it. If you buy it now, there is only the softcopy (ebook) version priced at $3.99.

      You can wait probably about a year for the hardcopy to come out, pretty much because for hardcopy, I wanted premium version straight away, things that my readers can keep as their collection. It will be priced between $8.99 to $10.99, depending on how much the printer charges me, but it will include several additional side stories as well as a special free gift that is relevant to the first book.

      Hope that answers your question. Thanks for wanting to support me.


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